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Posted by Portside on December 26, 2016
New Food Magazine
In the UK. junk food ads for children will be prohibited on the internet, in print and at movie theaters
Posted by Portside on December 25, 2016
Thanks to sustained, legitimate outrage from people on the Internet and a major ethical violation, there will be one fewer outlet for white supremacists to plead their case to the American people.
Posted by Portside on December 23, 2016
Mas Tequila Review
Looking for a job sometimes seems a little like trying to join a secret society whose rules and requirements are not discernible to the naked eye, as Lee Rossi shows in his mordant poem “Interview.”
Posted by Portside on December 22, 2016
The Times (London) Higher Education
Rebel Crossings charts six 19th century socialists as they journey from the constraints of Old-World Britain to a New-World America. They were part of a wider historical search for self-fulfillment and an alternative to a cruelly competitive capitalism. The book surveys the interaction of feminism, socialism and anarchism, bringing fresh slants on political and cultural movements and upon influential individuals including Walt Whitman, Eleanor Marx, and William Morris.
Posted by Portside on December 21, 2016
The New Republic
Albert Murray (1916-2013), was the kind of intellectual for whom Duke Ellington would write a book jacket blurb. He called the African American writer and esteemed cultural critic “a man whose learning did not interfere with understanding," in praise of Murray's 1975 book Train Whistle Guitar, adding that Murray was "the unsquarest person I know." The Library of America has published new volume of Murray's writing. Greg Thomas takes a look.
Posted by Portside on December 20, 2016
The Rolling Stone
Former vice president Al Gore says, “Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis."
Posted by Portside on December 19, 2016
Harvard T. H. Chan Nutrition Source
Instead of gifting sugar-laden sweets, try giving more nutritious snacks. Here are some fun ideas that serve as enjoyable and thoughtful gifts, and which can be motivational nudges toward living a healthier lifestyle.