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Posted by Portside on January 16, 2017
California Sunday Magazine
Daniel Duane examines how a shy Ph.D. in English literature revolutionized the science of cooking and became revered in the most famous kitchens in the world.
Posted by Portside on January 15, 2017
The Atlantic
The latest episode of the ABC sitcom expresses anger at the election’s outcome. It also insists on empathy.
Posted by Portside on January 13, 2017
Rattle Poets Respond
"Imagine--a woman in the White House." As Florida poet Meryl Stratford implies about her pre-feminist mother--"It wasn’t worth the argument"-- of just how hard it is to change someone's mind when it comes to voting!
Posted by Portside on January 11, 2017
New York Review of Books
The author argues that a key factor in unifying the fractious 13 colonies in opposition to British rule during the Revolution was the patriots' effort to link British oppression to extant colonial fears about insurrectionary slaves and homicidal Indians. America's founders were chief among those spreading tales of British agents inciting blacks and Indians to take up arms against the American rebellion, making racial prejudice a foundation stone of the new republic.
Posted by Portside on January 11, 2017
Michael Yates has produced a primer on inequality for our times. Steve Early takes a look.
Posted by Portside on January 10, 2017
Los Angeles Review of Books
La La Land is not, in the end, so very different from Whiplash (an earlier Chazelle film) for all their tonal differences. Above all, the vision they paint of the artistic life is masculine. In Damien Chazelle’s movies, men have power, and they get (almost) everything they want... And women? All they get to do is listen.
Posted by Portside on January 9, 2017
New Food Magazine
With coeliac disease and wheat allergy affecting only 1.2% of the population, why is it that an estimated 15% of UK adults and an astonishing 29% of US adults are trying to avoid gluten?