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Posted by Portside on July 27, 2015
Smithsonian Magazine
Research suggests that junk food like sodas, chips and fries trick the brain into thinking no calories were consumed. Via pathways that are similar to those observed with the ingestion of powerfully addictive drugs, junk food rewards the brain but it does not enhance the body.
Posted by Portside on July 26, 2015
The Atlantic
USA’s new hacker drama is a surprise hit that deserves attention for its subtle critiques of gender norms and masculinity.
Posted by Portside on July 24, 2015
Naugatuck River Review
On July 27, 1919, the appearance of an African American swimmer near a white beach provoked a citywide pogrom in Chicago. Poet Renny Golden depicts the incident and a wade-in that integrated the shores during the 1960s.
Posted by Portside on July 23, 2015
BookForum - June/July/Aug 2015
Looking back after 50 years at the few pros (the real lack of jobs) and the many cons (an over-reliance throughout on allegedly debilitating cultural factors) of Daniel Patrick Moynihan's explanation for high African American poverty rates in his Report on the Black Family and Poverty.
Posted by Portside on July 22, 2015
Public Books
In this look at three new and “valuable contributions to our cultural thinking and political thinking on today’s feminist movement,” Rinku Sen finds much to praise; however, she criticizes these authors because they “treat these two realms as largely disconnected from each other.” That’s too bad, Sen adds, because the movement is strongest “when cultural and political interventions reinforce each other.”
Posted by Portside on July 21, 2015
Film Journal International
Directed by the popular Israeli filmmaker Eran Riklis and written by Arab-Israeli journalist Sayed Kashua, 'A Borrowed Idenity' chronicles a young Arab-Israeli man’s painful coming of age--detailing Israel’s treatment of its Arab citizens. At its best, 'A Borrowed Identity' concerns itself with the malleability of self, with who we are and how society and culture can force identity choices on us.
Posted by Portside on July 20, 2015
Future Food 2050
Dietary guidance that’s targeted to your precise genetic makeup is the wave of the future, says nutrition scientist Jeffrey Blumberg.