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Posted by Portside on October 16, 2013
In These Times
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is set to review a case involving graduate assistants at New York University. If it is favorably reviewed it could reopen the door to unionizing thousands of graduate employees at private universities.
Posted by Portside on October 15, 2013
Talking Union
“The taxpayer costs we discovered were staggering,” said Ken Jacobs, chair of UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education and coauthor of a report about the cost of the low-wage fast-food industry to U.S. taxpayers. “People who work in fast-food jobs are paid so little that having to rely on public assistance is the rule, rather than the exception, even for those working 40 hours or more a week.” Fast food is a $200 billion-a-year industry.
Posted by Portside on October 14, 2013
History News Network
Can the world’s biggest corporations act with impunity? When it comes to General Electric (GE) -- the eighth-largest U.S. corporation, with $146.9 billion in sales and $13.6 billion in profits in 2012 -- the answer appears to be “yes.”
Posted by Portside on October 13, 2013
USA Today
Are hospitals cutting jobs because of sequestions cuts to medicare reimbursement rates? The American Hospital Association cites this as well as the recession as reasons for job cuts.
Posted by Portside on October 11, 2013
US Chamber of Commerce
(Moderators Note. The following article is from the US Chamber of Commerce, a group that is not a friend of workers or unions.) As this blog noted nearly a year ago, the use of worker centers as front groups for unions has been a key strategy among certain labor organizations to circumvent federal laws that would otherwise restrict their behavior, so it is a good sign that Congress has started to take more notice.
Posted by Portside on October 10, 2013
Two reports on a recent Oxford University study that predicts that nearly one-half of existing jobs in the United States will be replaced by robotic machines in the next generation. Plus, a video of a related lecture by an MIT economist who specializes in the impact of technology on employment.
Posted by Portside on October 9, 2013
Labor Notes
New leadership elected in American Postal Workers Union. President-Elect Mark Dimonstein's slate won seven of the nine positions they contested. Their goal is to unite with the other postal unions, community groups and others in a fight to save the Post Office.