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Posted by Portside on November 25, 2017
il manifesto
Work at Amazon's distribution warehouses in Italy is backbreaking, and thousands of employees are part time and permanently on call. "It is a grim form of exploitation."
Posted by Portside on November 23, 2017
When joined by family and friends for Thanksgiving, ask guests to tell stories about their very first food memory, or to recall any family member who was a farmer or a jolly cook. Invite people of diverse backgrounds and all ages. Ask a farm family to join you, or a cheesemaker or others involved in producing food. Then eat, talk, enjoy!
Posted by Portside on November 21, 2017
Bloomberg Law/ Daily Labor Report
Leaders must also know when it’s time for a new person to take the helm. To keep new blood flowing through the labor movement, older leaders have to make room for their successors, RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, said. “You have to get out of the way. You can’t just talk about it,” she said. “If you’re a leader, a strong leader, you step down and open that up to someone you believe reflects where this union needs to be.”
Posted by Portside on November 20, 2017
Capital & Main
Millions of public-sector workers could soon be targeted by conservative groups trying to dissuade them from paying union fees. Co-published by International Business Times.
Posted by Portside on November 19, 2017
In These Times
UE, the union organizing the Second City workers, has recently helped run several successful unionization campaigns with service employees whose jobs are precarious and without benefits, including graduate student workers in Iowa and movie theater concession workers in New England.
Posted by Portside on November 18, 2017
Fast Company
Just as enthusiasm for collective bargaining grows, labor’s political power and influence wane toward a historic nadir.
Posted by Portside on November 16, 2017
Stansbury Forum
It takes continuous organizational effort—in the form of training and recruitment, new leadership development, and structural change–to insure that the bullying, harassing, divide-and-conquer behavior of bosses, big and small, doesn’t infect and weaken the “house of labor” too.