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Why Doesn’t the Democratic Party Leadership Confront the Real Reasons Why Trump is an Illegitimate President ?

David Schwartzman
The real reason Trump is an illegitimate predident is because of a white supremacist Electoral College which weighs white votes more than Black and Jim Crow voter suppression. Democrats use Russia as a smokescreen to attack Russia because they don't want to attack the illegitimacy of the system.

Labor for Bernie and Beyond Plans for the Primaries and the Future

Dan La Botz
New Politics
Labor for Bernie believes their candidate can defeat Hillary Clinton for the nomination. But Sanders supporters know that their candidate—even if he wins big in several more states—could have victory wrested from him at the convention. Therefore labor supporters gathered to discuss how to continue the movement into the future, win or lose.

Bernie Sanders and Unions’ Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

David Moberg
Working In These Times
Many union members, both Democrats and independents, believe in the policies and the overall vision of an expanded New Deal that both the labor movement and Sanders have long promoted. Yet Sanders appears to have more confidence that the broad American public will back those ideas and reject likely Republican and media attacks on his proposals than do many top union officials who often complain about Democrats who will not support labor and its agenda.