Public Workers

Unions Set to Oppose a Constitutional Convention

Ari Paul
New York State's constitution mandates that every 20 years a referendum be held on whether to hold a constitutional convention. Some government reform groups are advocating a "yes" vote, but so too are right-wing groups that want to eliminate worker rights and social service protections. Unions are therefore urging a "no" vote this November, just as they did in 1997.

Organizing New York

Joshua Freeman
As public worker union growth ran into the realities of an increasingly conservative national climate, effective advocates for labor, like Victor Gotbaum -- who passed away on April 5 --like many of his peers, proved unable to find a way to keep renewing union power.

Pension Bonds: State and Local Official Should Proceed with Caution

Aaron Kuriloff
WSJ Money Beat
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wants to make a decades-long bet that pension-fund returns will exceed current interest rates for taxable municipal bonds. “The use of pension bonds impugns an issuer more than a downgrade, because it shows they’re willing to saddle future generations with risk in order to make current budget discussions easier,” says Matt Fabian, a partner at Concord, MA-based research firm Municipal Market Analytics.

Public Workers

October 14, 2013

'Scorn for bureaucracy and government is a long-standing American tradition. But perhaps this shutdown will help people realize that we have a huge stake in an effective and efficient government.