Puerto Rico

Warring Visions of Puerto Rico's Future

Harvey Wasserman
The Progressive
Warring visions have now erupted over the energy and economic futures of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.Will the islands become a cutting-edge green-powered solartopia for the benefit of their long-time residents? Or a fossil-fueled robber baron playground like Hong Kong or Singapore, set to operate for the profit of outside corporate investors?

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Propose $146 Billion “Marshall Plan” for Puerto Rico

Aída Chávez
The Intercept
The far-reaching legislation would grant $62 billion to the governments of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, $27 billion to renovate infrastructure, and $13 billion in additional Federal Emergency Management Agency funding to rebuild the electric grid “with more modern, resilient technologies,”

Bernie Sanders Unveils Massive Puerto Rico Reconstruction Bill

Daniel Marans and Alexander C. Kaufman
Huffington Post
“The bill that Senator Sanders has introduced in the United States Congress is a comprehensive plan that provides the blueprint for the transformation of Puerto Rico,” Carmen Yulín Cruz, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, said in a statement. “While dealing with all major areas of immediate concern: energy, health and education it also sets the foundation to make Puerto Rico a more equitable, just and fair society for all.

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Colonialism’s Legacy: Neglect in Puerto Rico, Suffocation in DC

Bill Mosley
The Washington Socialist
By now the botched, indifferent response of the Trump administration to Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico has been well-documented. Puerto Ricans, however, are not the only US citizens whose lack of democratic rights has affected its quality of life, and for the worse. The same can be said for the residents of Washington, DC, the nation’s capital.

Disaster Capitalists and Another Shady Puerto Rico Contract

Kate Aronoff
The Intercept
Public outrage forced the cancellation of the dubious $300 million contract with the tiny Montana company tasked with rebuilding large parts of Puerto Rico’s electric grid. Yet, the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority’s equally suspicious $200 million contract with a newly formed utility may be even more scandalous for what it says about the effort to rebuild the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. And this time the Feds were involved “every step of the way.”