Hispanic Coalition Stands With Asian Actors On ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ Says Network Was ‘Bigoted’

Carolina Moreno
Huffington Post
“It’s going to cost [CBS] with the Asian community and with other communities of color.” Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park recently quit the network’s reboot of “Hawaii Five-0” after seven seasons. Sources told Variety the decision came after the actors asked the network for pay equal to their white co-stars, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, but were offered 10 to 15 percent less.

Orlando Jones on American Gods' Incredible Mr. Nancy Speech and Racism: 'He’s Just Laying Out What the Fuck It Is'

Charles Pulliam-Moore
Here’s how the scene plays out. As the sharply dressed god paces back and forth in front of the believers who summoned him, he lays out a terrifying vision of what the future holds for them and their descendants: slavery, torture, death, and hundreds of years of being screwed over by structural racism.