Why Doesn’t the Democratic Party Leadership Confront the Real Reasons Why Trump is an Illegitimate President ?

David Schwartzman
The real reason Trump is an illegitimate predident is because of a white supremacist Electoral College which weighs white votes more than Black and Jim Crow voter suppression. Democrats use Russia as a smokescreen to attack Russia because they don't want to attack the illegitimacy of the system.

Time Is Already Running Out on Our Democracy

Kali Holloway
“I think things have tightened up very fast; we have at most a year to defend the republic, perhaps less,” Snyder stated in an interview with German outlet Süddeutsche Zeitung. “What happens in the next few weeks is very important.” Snyder, whose multiple books include On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, points out that Americans must dispense with wishful thinking about institutions helping to curb Trump’s power.

Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl Has Become More Than a Game, But a Clash of Cultures

Mike Freeman
Bleacher Report
This year's Super Bowl between the Falcons and Patriots is viewed by many across football as a battle of cultures. On one end, some in the game see the Patriots as a conveyor belt of winning machinery, aligned with Donald Trump, but despised by a large swath of the American populace. On the other are the Falcons, a talented, less rigid team, supported by a city starving for a winner and viewed as the welcome alternative in this fight.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Triggers Chaos, Heartbreak, and Resistance

Ryan Devereaux, Murtaza Hussain, Alice Speri
The Intercept
“The executive order is drafted in a manner that anticipates the extension of the ban. It’s clear that the White House expects that this is going to affect more people and more countries going forward,” Gadeir Abbas, a Washington, D.C.-based civil rights attorney, told The Intercept. “There is a lot of ambiguity in the language used in the order — and executive power thrives on ambiguity.”