Trump Administration

America’s Carbon-Pusher in Chief Trump’s Fossil-Fueled Foreign Policy

Michael T. Klare
Trump was always, at heart, both the pitchman of, and a con artist for, American abundance, or rather for a particularly American version of conspicuous consumption. His greatest pitch and what may be the greatest selling scam in history has gotten so little attention in these last six months: to open the gold-plated spigot on American fossil fuels and sell the country’s oil and natural gas abroad in far greater quantities than at present.

Dismantling Public Education - Like it or Not, Betsy DeVos Has Made a Mark in Six Months as Education Secretary

Valerie Strauss
Washington Post
After six months, Betsy DeVos has taken some major steps to change education policy, and her very presence at the head of the U.S. Education Department signals something important about the past, present and future of public education in the United States. She faces protests at many public appearances, which is why she receives special protection from the U.S. Marshals Service, at an average cost so far this year of $1 million a month.

Courts Must Hold Executive Branch Accountable for Drone Strikes

Marjorie Cohn
"It is not the role of the Judiciary to second-guess the determination of the Executive, in coordination with the Legislature, that the interests of the US call for a particular military action in the ongoing War on Terror." Taking issue with the DC Circuit's application of the political question doctrine, it was queried, "if judges will not check this outsized power, then who will?" Our democracy is broken."

Xi, Trump and Rising China in the World

Duncan McFarland
This fall the Chinese Communist Party holds its Nineteenth Party Congress. The US-China relationship is one of considerable global importance on several levels: political, economic and the situation of socialism and the international working class. Trump in his presidential campaign adopted a very hostile anti-China tone. However, after Trump assumed power, he changed; his actions towards China proved largely a continuation of established policy. Why did this happen?

Trump Administration Makes Key Decision That Threatens Water Supply of Millions

Reynard Loki
On June 23rd, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt expressed that a proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule enacted in 2015 would be sent out by the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers. This proposed repeal would not only bring back the confusion and discord over what exactly the Clean Water Act protects, but would make it easier for polluters to contaminate the nation's waters.