Vietnam and the Sixties: A Personal History

W. D. Ehrhart
Monthly Review
On March 16, 1968 American soldiers murdered 407 unarmed men, women, and children in My Lai. The same day, in the nearby village of My Khe, another unit of the same division murdered an estimated 97 additional Vietnamese civilians. I and my fellow Marines routinely killed, maimed, and abused Vietnamese on a near-daily basis, destroying homes, fields, crops, and livestock with every weapon available to us, from rifles and grenades to heavy artillery and napalm.

The War He Survived Was Vietnam

Michael Yates
Liberal opinion holds that the Vietnam War was a mistake. The right continues to see it as a noble cause. Author Michael Uhl calls the slaughter in Vietnam planned and deliberate, saying that the United States would not tolerate then or now efforts by people in the Global South to escape the imperialist trap. Uhl writes as a participant, first as an intelligence officer and then as an historian, to paint a merciless and highly detailed picture of US policy at its rawest.

Socialism Plus Markets: Vietnam’s Chosen Path

Chauncey K. Robinson
People's World
During a recent visit to Vietnam, People's World sat down with Bui The Giang, the Director General for Western Europe and North America Affairs for the Communist Party of Vietnam's Commission of External Relations. In the course of this in-depth talk, Giang discussed Vietnam's journey towards economic prosperity, its commitment to sticking to a socialist trajectory, and efforts to preserve the legacy of revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh.