Hacked Records Show Bradley Foundation Taking its Conservative Wisconsin Model National

Daniel Bice
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
Records make clear the Bradley Foundation no longer simply favors groups promoting its signature issues: taxpayer-funded school choice and increased work requirements for welfare recipients. It now regularly funds nonprofits that are, among other things, hostile to labor unions, skeptical of climate change or critical of the loosening of sexual mores in American culture.

Wisconsin Has Taken Its Partisan-Gerrymandering Case to the U.S. Supreme Court—Here’s What Happens Next

Thomas Wolf
Brennan Center for Justice
This was first time in more than three decades that a federal court ruled for the plaintiffs in a partisan-gerrymandering suit after a full trial. It also dealt a critical blow to a very particular kind of gerrymander—call it “extreme seat-maximization”—that emerged in Wisconsin and a handful of other states in the most recent redistricting cycle.

After Nationwide ICE Raids, 50,000 People in Milwaukee Rose up to Say the Arrests Were Wrong

Oliver Ortega
The Progressive
“When there isn't any recourse at the political level, it has been through the general strike that we’ve been able to have our power felt,” she said. The group held its first “Dia Sin Latinos” march in Wisconsin last year, but this year’s attendance was nearly triple at around 50,000, organizers say.

The Invention Of The White Working Class; Univ. of Wisconsin Threatened with Funding Cuts for Teaching About Racism

Les Leopold; Lilly Price
Huffington Post
History warns us to be very, very careful when using the phrase "white working class." The reason has nothing to do with political correctness. Rather, it concerns the changing historical definitions of who is "white." The conclusion that white working class flocked to Trump as a way to protest their economic decline is flawed.