Friday Nite Videos | May 18, 2018
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The Biggest Myths About Socialism

Why are Americans so afraid of socialism? Because its powerful detractors have been lying to the American people about it for decades.

Black Eyed Peas - Street Livin'

Prison Industrial Complex. Immigration. Gun Violence. Police Brutality. These issues are critical for our families, friends, communities, and world. Stay Woke, Take Action Now.

Donald Jr.'s Testimony Summarized: 'I Do Not Recall'

Don Trump Jr. displayed impressive non-recall about ... just about everything ... when he testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Google Employees Quit Over Military Drone Program - Project Maven

Why some Google employees have resigned over Project Maven, a U.S. government drone program.

Why Israelis and Palestinians Both Claim Jerusalem

The U.S. embassy to Israel has moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Here's how this sacred city factors into a conflict 70 years old.

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