Global Left Midweek - Labor Day Special
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  1. Workers' Rights Worldwide
  2. Solidarity Strikes in Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Unions vs Ryanair
  4. Giant Rally Planned in Delhi
  5. Mexican Workers and Trump's New NAFTA
  6. Will the Ontario Labour Movement Return to Class Struggle as Austerity Deepens?


Amid a Worsening Situation for Workers’ Rights, an International Union Chief Speaks Out

Ed Sykes / The Canary (London)

Some of the world’s worst offenders are key Western allies – like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Colombia.

Trinidad and Tobago: September 7 Shutdown in T&T, Says Unions

Camille Hunte / Daily Express (Post of Spain)

Various union leaders said they stood in solidarity with the oil workers who have lost their jobs.

Ryanair Pilots Across Europe Go on Strike Seeking Better Working Conditions

Pavan Kulkarni / People's Dispatch (New Delhi)

For followup on the Ryanair strikes, see Ryanair Signs Its First Union Deal

India: For First Time Ever, Workers, Peasants, Agri Workers to Hold Joint Rally in Delhi Against Modi Regime

Ashok Dhawale / NewsClick (New Delhi)

Massive rally on September 5 to hit out at neoliberal economic policies, communal agenda, authoritarian attacks by the BJP government.

Viewpoint: The Agenda of the Mexican Working Class

Napoleón Gómez Urrutia / Labor Notes (Detroit)

A statement from the president of Los Mineros (the National Union of Mine, Metal, Steel, and Related Workers of the Mexican Republic).

Canada: Will the Ontario Labour Movement Return to Class Struggle as Austerity Deepens?

Sam Gindin and Michael Hurley / The Bullet (Ontario)

Effectively fighting back as a class must include preparing, organizing and mobilizing for political strikes.

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