Friday Nite Videos | May 10, 2019
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Lethal Injections | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses the lethal injection process, which is definitely not as pleasant as talking about a squeaking frog

Walking Blues | Keb' Mo'

In honor of blues legend Robert Johnson's birthday, Playing for Change shares "Walking Blues," featuring Keb' Mo' along with musicians from six countries. Originally written and recorded by Son House in 1930. The PFC version starts in Argentina with Roberto Luti and Nico Bereciartua playing slide guitars, and adds friends to create a blues jam around the world.

New Info About Sandra Bland Exposed in Cell Phone Video

Newly released police footage sheds light on the truth behind Sandra Bland’s death in custody — now her family is asking for the case to be reopened

Why you still don't understand the Green New Deal

Political news coverage tends to focus on strategy over substance, and that’s making it less likely that the public will agree on big policy ideas when we need them the most

Cats have social smarts. But is anyone brave enough to study them?

Social cognition researchers are finally probing the secrets of the feline mind—when the cats deign to cooperate

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