Media Bits and Bytes - August 13, 2019
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Activists Call on Social Network to Ban White Supremacists

By Emily McPhie
August 7, 2019
Broadband Breakfast

A coalition of more than 50 human, civil, and digital rights groups has called on Twitter to ban key advocates of white supremacy from its platform.


How the Media Whitewashed the Shootings

By Lulu Garcia-Navarro
August 9, 2019
The Atlantic

It was the deadliest attack targeting Latinos in recent U.S. history. Why wasn’t that the headline?

“Trump vs Racism”: How Wrong a Headline Can Be

By Gabriel Snyder
August 6, 2019
Columbia Journalism Review

Readers, journalists, and politicians taking to Twitter to attack the New York Times for failing to call out Trump’s racism and accepting his narrative that he opposes racial discrimination. 

Warren’s High-Speed Internet Access Proposal

By Devin Coldewey
August 7, 2019

She proposes to make sure “every home in America has a fiber broadband connection at a price families can afford.”

Tucker Carlson: Terror’s Mouthpiece

By Nathan Robinson
August 10, 2019
The Guardian

The Fox New host’s nightly diatribes are making the US an ever more terrifying place for immigrants and people of color.

Victory! Lawsuit May Proceed Against Facebook’s Biometric Surveillance

By Adam Schwartz
August 9, 2019
Electronic Frontier Foundation

The decision, by the federal Ninth Circuit about an Illinois privacy law, is the first by an American appellate court to directly identify the unique hazards of face surveillance. 

Hashtag Propaganda

By Erica X Eisen
July 30, 2019
The Baffler

With their incursion into cyberspace, government bodies seek to project an image of their power not just at points of contact but at all times and in all places.

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