Global Left Midweek - Climate Strike Reports
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  1. Worldwide Climate Strike Reports
  2. New Upsurge in Egypt
  3. Spain: Masses of Women Demand an End to Violence
  4. Indonesia: Students Protest Sex Ban Bill
  5. Stalemate in Venezuela
  6. Labour Party’s Secret Weapon
  7. Zimbabwe Health Workers Face Repression
  8. Bloody Attacks on Papua Protests

Worldwide Climate Strike Reports

Continent to Continent Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Puerto Rico Alleen Brown / The Intercept (New York)

Africa Nereya Otieno / OkayAfrica (New York)

Asia and Australia VICE Asia Staff (Brooklyn)


New Upsurge in Egypt

Sarah Salama / Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

Egypt has seen the first significant protests against Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in six years of authoritarian rule.


Spain: Masses of Women Demand an End to Violence

Sam Jones / The Guardian (London)

Protesters took to the streets of more than 250 towns and cities across Spain on Friday night to declare a “feminist emergency” after a series of high-profile rape cases and a summer in which 19 women were murdered by current or former partners.

Indonesia: Students Protest Sex Ban Bill

Channel New Asia (Singapore)

Thousands gathered in the front and back entrances to Jakarta's parliament building, demanding to meet with parliament speaker Bambang Soesatyo. Police eventually fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse them. 

Stalemate in Venezuela

Rebecca Hanson and Francisco J. Sánchez / NACLA Report (New York)

The recent U.S. sanctions in Venezuela are not only worsening the economic situation, but increasing the country's cynicism toward any hope of resolution.

Labour Party's Secret Weapon

Sarah Jaffe / The American Prospect (Washington DC)

As Brexit looms, a surge of community organizing from within is bridging political divides and refocusing the British Labour Party.

Zimbabwe Health Workers Face Repression

Public Services International (Ferney-Voltaire, France)

Abducted doctors’ union president released as health workers shutdown the system in protest.

Bloody Attacks on Papua Protests

Agence France Presse (Paris)

Papua, on the western half of New Guinea island, has been paralysed after weeks of protests fuelled by anger over racism, as well as fresh calls for self-rule in the impoverished territory.

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