Friday Nite Videos | December 6, 2019
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Why Billionaires Won’t Save Us

Hasan Minhaj dissects how the ultra-rich use philanthropy to get richer, distract from the injustices on which they built their fortunes, and dictate politics and policy

GIULIANI! (Here He Goes Again)

A Randy Rainbow song parody

Pete Buttigieg and the Republican Lie

Lawrence O’Donnell looks at Pete Buttigieg’s strange comments in New Hampshire today about Democrats and deficits

Youth Climate Strike Leader Endorses Bernie

One of many key youth climate leaders who cannot yet vote but are weighing in on the 2020 election 

Who Is Worse: Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell?

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses the most dangerous politician of his lifetime, who has damaged our country in ways that will take a generation to undo...Mitch McConnell

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