Friday Nite Videos | January 3, 2020
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Bernie Sanders' Remarks on Iran Following Suleimani Asassination

A quick and clear response to Donald Trump's most dangerous move toward war, potentially one more destructive than the invasion of Iraq

Vanishing Voters of Georgia 

The first in a series of reports by Greg Palast: “The Purged: The Vanishing Voters of Trump’s America.” to be broadcast and made available to activists, churches and schools

Why Drugs Are So Expensive

Americans today spend more on pharmaceuticals per capita than anyone else in the world, and more than one in five say they have trouble affording their prescription drugs

Google and Amazon Are Now in the Oil Business

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are teaming up with Big Oil to squeeze more oil and gas out of the ground using machine learning technology

Cadets Fired for Giving Nazi Salute

These West Virginia correctional cadets are all being fired after giving a Nazi salute while posing for a class photo

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