Friday Nite Videos | January 10, 2020
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Bernie Sanders to Stephen Colbert: I Will Do Everything I Can To Stop A War With Iran

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders believes the United States has no business going to war with Iran, and intends to do whatever he can to prevent that from happening

Soul Rebel Featuring Bunny Wailer and Manu Chao

Bob Marley once said “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain...” Enjoy Bunny Wailer, Manu Chao and Bushman singing the Wailer’s classic, “Soul Rebel,” along with musicians from around the world.

Advocate | Movie

Award-winning documentary about Lea Tsemel, a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who defends Palestinians: from feminists to fundamentalists, from non-violent demonstrators to armed militants. In theaters now.

What If We Nuke a City?

Learn more about nuclear weapons and what you can do to stop them

Top Science Breakthroughs of 2019

Nine runners-up plus the top science achievement of the year

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