Friday Nite Videos | October 9, 2020
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Scowls, Smirks, Eye Rolls

Fox News has issues with the way this candidate debated #DailyShow #Trump #Debate

Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder) | Playing for Change

Shot on location with musicians from Senegal, Mali, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Japan, USA, the Netherlands, and Jamaica, 

The Big Scary 'S' Word | Trailer

The Big Scary ā€œSā€ Word explores the rich history of the American socialist movement and the people striving to build a socialist future today.

A Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair

An animated short film that dares to dream of a future in which 2020 is a historic turning point, where the lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic and global uprisings against racism drive us to build back a better society in which no one is sacrificed and everyone is essential.

Newman Trashes Trump

Newman, the fan-favorite recurring character from "Seinfeld," trashes President Trump for "premeditated assault on the US mail"

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