Friday Nite Videos | April 30, 2021
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Which Side Are You On? Ani Difranco on Mountain Stage

Ani Difranco's updated lyrics to Florence Reece's 1931 labor ballad, composed in the midst of a bloody Harlan County coal miners' organizing drive. Happy May Day!

How Rich Countries Are Making the Pandemic Last Longer

A program called Covax wants to distribute Covid-19 vaccines fairly. Is it working?

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Senators Who Spread 'The Big Lie'…
Senator Bernie Sanders speaks frankly about the challenges of balancing a divided Senate, and how difficult it is to work with members who continue to spread the "big lie."

The Present | Movie

This Oscar-nominated short movie centers around a Palestinian man and his young daughter who set out in the West Bank to buy his wife a gift, showcasing the struggles they go through between soldiers, segregated roads, and checkpoints.

Jamaal Bowman Delivers Progressive Response to Biden Address

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) delivers a video op-ed on behalf of the Working Families Party in response to Pres. Biden's address.

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