Global Left Midweek - October 20, 2021
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  1. COP26 Global Day of Action
  2. Climate Action on Two Fronts
  3. No Future Without Food Sovereignty
  4. Politics in the Street and in the Voting Booth 
  5. Half a Million to Strike in South Korea
  6. Reversal in Perú
  7. ANC Election Worries
  8. Chiles Camila Vallejo 
  9. Puerto Ricans Demand Peoples Control of Energy
  10. Political Education and Theory

COP26 Global Day of Action

Susan Price / Green Left (Sydney)

The COP26 Coalition involves more than 100 trade unions, grassroots organisations, NGOs and faith groups. The COP26 Peoples Summit program will feature 90 events grouped around four themes: “Multiple Crises”; “Strategies and Tactics”; “The More than Human World”; and “Visions for the Future”.

Climate Action on Two Fronts

Kenya  Maina Waruru / Equal Times (Brussels)

Balkans  Artan Rama / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

No Future Without Food Sovereignty

La Via Campesina (Harare)

Food Sovereignty presents a radical overhaul to notions of “food security.” It recognizes people and local communities as the principal actors in the fight against poverty and hunger. It calls for strong local communities and defends their right to produce and consume before trading the surplus. 

Politics in the Street and in the Voting Booth

Italy’s Answer to Fascist Violence  TRT World (Istanbul)

Behind the Attack on CGIL  Maurizio Coppola / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

The Election According to Il Manifesto  Norma Rangeri / il manifesto Global (Rome)

Half a Million to Strike in South Korea

Jia Hong and Ju-Hyun Park / Truthout (Sacramento)

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), the country’s largest labor union umbrella with 1.1 million members, is organizing a massive strike and street action in a broad-based front with South Korea’s urban poor and farmers.

Reversal in

MercoPress (Montevideo)

Perú Libre leader Vladimir Cerron announced that his organization decided not to give the vote of confidence to President Pedro Castillo’s new ministerial cabinet, which is lead by Mirtha Vasquez. Cerron pointed out that this Cabinet is a demonstration of the Castillo administration's political turn towards the center-right side.

ANC Election Worries

Dennis Webster / New Frame (Johannesburg)

An independent candidate is contesting the local government elections in a former Eastern Cape Bantustan, revealing deep fault lines in the party’s ward candidate nomination process.

Camila Vallejo 

Octavio García Soto / Jacobin (New York)

Chile’s Constitutional Convention promises to shift the balance of power in a society long prey to neoliberal dogmas. But Communist MP Camila Vallejo says the Chilean right will stop at nothing to defend ruling-class interests.

Puerto Ricans Demand People
s Control of Energy

Paola Rosa-Aquino / New York magazine

Thousands of Puerto Ricans marched down a main highway in the capital of San Juan on Friday to protest the privatization of the island’s public electricity grid, which has left them with unprecedented outages, longer than normal restoration times, and billing increases.

Political Education and Theory

From Africa: The Root of the Problem  Nanjala Nyabola / African Arguments (London)

1200 Marxist Bookstalls in West Bengal  Sandip Chakraborty / NewsClick (New Delhi)

Marxism in Japan  Gavin Walker / Jacobin

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