Global Left Midweek - January 12, 2022
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  1. Kazakhstan Revolt
  2. Backgrounder: South Korean Left
  3. Honduras: Health Reform is #1 Priority for Left Government
  4. SE Asia: Domestic Workers Find Ways to Resist
  5. South Africa: Strikers Demand Nationalization of Dairy Giant
  6. Myanmar: Health Workers in the Battle
  7. French Left Minus Workers = Deadlock
  8. La Via Campesina
  9. Das Kapital in Kiswahili
  10. UK Scholars Who Unchained Our Brains

Kazakhstan Revolt

Video: The Hammer Comes Down  / Channel 4 News (London)

Not a Color Revolution  Aynur Kurmanov / LeftEast

Backgrounder: South Korean Left

Youngsu Won / Links (Sydney)

Overall, the political terrain on South Korea’s left is extremely barren. Historically, we are seeing the end of a period: the culmination of the historic failure of a three-decade-long project to build a radical left party that could represent labour and popular sectors and position itself as an alternative to bourgeois politics.

Honduras: Health Reform is #1 Priority for Left Government

Zoe Alexandra / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Carmen Madrid of the People’s Health Movement in Honduras talks about how the healthcare system was wrecked by the 12-year rule of the National Party and how it can be revived.

SE Asia: Domestic Workers Find Ways to Resist

Lam Le / Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (Quezon City)

iRED stands for “I resist exclusion and discrimination”. Co-organised by Indonesian and Filipino migrant workers’ unions in Hong Kong, iRED opposes discriminatory COVID-19 policies that exclusively target domestic workers. 

South Africa: Strikers Hold Firm at Dairy Giant

Unions Demand Nationalization  Anna Majavu / New Frame (Johannesburg)

Company Forced to Cough Up  Khulekani Magubane and Penelope Mashego / Fin24 (Cape Town)

Myanmar: Health Workers in the Battle

Jonathan Head / BBC News (London)

A significant proportion of healthcare in Myanmar is now being delivered outside state hospitals, by doctors and nurses who oppose the military and are loyal to the National Unity Government challenging the junta's legitimacy.

French Left Minus Workers = Deadlock

Emre Öngün / Jacobin (New York)

Ahead of April’s presidential election, France’s left is badly divided. But calls for unity behind a milquetoast centrist threaten only to deepen the Left’s split with its historic working-class base.

Das Kapital in Kiswahili

Joachim Mwami and Loren Balhorn / Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Berlin)

A retired professor of sociology at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania translated Capital Volume I into Kiswahili, the language spoken by roughly 100 million people across East Africa. Mwami himself read Capital for the first time in the 1970s, and has spent decades applying Marx’s ideas to his own studies of Tanzanian society.

Leadership Transition for Worldwide Peasant Movement

La Via Campesina

Over the three decades, La Via Campesina has worked with allies and unions worldwide to build a collective vision, plan and platform to bring food sovereignty to all territories. The movement’s insistence on Agrarian Reform, Social Peace and Peasant Feminism as an essential pre-condition to achieve this goal now finds resonance among all progressive societies. 

UK Scholars Who Unchained Our Brains

Interview: Sheila Rowbotham Francesca Newton / Tribune (London)

Raymond Williams’s Legacy  Rhian E. Jones / Red Pepper (London)

Video: Eric Hobsbawm  Anthony Wilks / London Review of Books

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