Tidbits – July 13, 2023 – Reader Comments: Supreme Court: Return To Separate and UnEqual; Child Labor; Remembering Pat Fry; Museums That Remember Slavery; Culture Wars Against Education; Ending Climate and Nuclear Crises; Announcements; Cartoons

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Re: The Segregationist Roots of Anti-Woke Ideology

We all know that the word "woke" is MAGA Speak for when bigots get called out for behaving like bigots!

Monico Soto-Granado
Posted on Portside's Facebook page


...it's their latest idea of yet another clever, covert n-word:
"The phrase stay woke has history in AAVE as far back as the 1930s. In some contexts, it referred to an awareness of social and political issues affecting African Americans. "--https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woke

Jones Murphy
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“While the war on what [Florida Governor Ron] DeSantis has also called ‘the woke mind virus’ is new, the rhetoric and tactics employed by the Florida governor and many other conservatives date back at least to the start of the modern Civil Rights Movement. In the period after the Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954, segregationist politicians attempted to use state power to punish progressive corporations, civil rights groups, and media outlets; pundits condemned what they saw as the narrowing of acceptable discourse and the demonization of their racist worldview; and citizen groups organized boycotts to maintain segregation.”

Norm Littlejohn
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Moms for Liberty  --  Cartoon by Clay Bennett

Clay Bennett
July 11, 2023
Chattanooga Times Free Press

Sign of the Times --  Shame on SCOTUS


This was on the bike path in Queensbury, upstate New York, represented by uber-MAGA Elise Stefanik

Re: Supreme Court Term Limits  

Who the heck wants to reflect prevailing public values, and who decides what they are? " without regard for the evolving views and composition of the electorate." So, as the white Christian nationalists take over larger segments of the electorate, we should work to give them more power? Because then they will want to compromise more often?

I am not sure what planet these folks live on, but not mine. Yeah Merrick Garland didn't make it. Do people really think he is such a model of progressiveness? T

his is a terrible article and idea. It would just institutionalize right centrism. Folks need to get out of their think tanks and into the streets. It is only by the sheerest of luck we ever get good justices. Reform yes, but not this one.

This would do nothing to ensure the replacement of crappy justices with good ones. Bad presidents have appointed excellent justices and center right presidents have appointed mediocre justices. Too simplistic and too based on think tank talk. Sorry, back to the drawing board.

Charles Patrick Lynch
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Legacy Admissions  --  Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Adam Zyglis
July 1, 2023
The Buffalo News

Re: The Moral Crisis of America’s Doctors  

Sobering, and true

Ken Kukovich

Re: Child Labor Is Making a Big Comeback in the US  

But of course; why make wage slaves of just parents when you can have the family?

Mike Noon
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Re: Debunking the Five Major Myths About Outmigration  

If only ... bye-bye, rich people; hello, cleaner politics.


"Ambitions...Affirmative Action"  

Discussion of Affirmative Action focuses on who wants it and who finds it discriminatory. I don't remember seeing any discussion of the benefits for the White majority of affirmative action in college admissions.

We go to college to get educated; not just to collect credentials. How can anyone consider themselves "educated" if they are not meeting and interacting with people of different backgrounds? If everyone went to the same Prep Schools or Middle Class High Schools, how can they start to understand anything about society and how other people think and what experiences they have.

When I went to college, I had no idea that the country wasn't made up of segregated ethnic minorities, who worried about not being able to pay the rent,, who lived in the neighborhood I grew up in. Wealthier students with parents who went to HS and even college, could never have understood living in a family where English wasn't spoken and having to read signs and letters to their parents who were illiterate.

Integration is a vital part of education.

Arlene Halfon

Running Out the Clock  --  Cartoon by Mike Luckovich

Mike Luckovich
July 11, 2023
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Re: Pat Fry: A Tribute in Memoriam

Many thanks to Geoffrey Jacques for his moving tribute to Pat Fry.  I can only second his thoughtful tribute to this wonderful lady.  I worked with her for several years as co-reporters at the Daily World covering the labor movement. Her relationship with both the rank and file and leaders in the Detroit union movement made her invaluable to our coverage. She wrote with both knowledge and passion for the cause of working folks. Her commitment to racial justice came through in all her efforts. Her passing is a deeply felt loss to all who knew her.

Bill Dennison


This was a shock. I had last spoken to Pat about a year ago via iPad image. She was in Michigan at the time, and didn’t appear to be ill. I’ll miss her, as will the Left movement. Since I only knew Pat from her time in New York, your well-written exhaustive article by about her life only deepened my admiration for her.

Seymour Joseph


Friends of Pat Fry, who died in late June, may want to read these stories about her life and work. Thanks to Portside for circulating Geoffrey Jacques' obituary.

Daniel Millstone
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Thanks for sharing this tribute. Really beautiful.

Roberta Goodman
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poignant tribute. thank you so much for this beautiful write-up. i love pat fry. i didn't realize that she was so influenced by catholic upbringing. me too!

Arsenia Reilly-Collins
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Re: Cummings Wins Runoff, Will Be Communications Workers First African-American President

(posting on Portside Labor)  

I am offended by the article and lack of truth in the article. While true Claude Cummings was elected. The accusations against Ed Mooney were not investigated to the extent they were truthful or that he actually committed the violations, only that they were actual accusations. I think you need to truthfully report the situation.

Marjorie A. Krueger, Director of Airline Passenger Service
Communications Workers of America


Moderator's Note:

Outgoing CWA president Chris Shelton ordered an investigation, and issued a public report.

[See story here from the Philadelphia Inquirer:
https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/philly-labor-leader-accused-o… ]


I read an article on Portside this morning that had several factual errors.  Claude received the most votes in both rounds of voting.

The article mistakenly stated Mooney received the most votes in the first round.

Also the local is 1037 not 1027.


Bill Bradley

Re: W. E. B. Du Bois, Souls of Black Folk: A Graphic Interpretation – A Review

(posting on Portside Culture)  

A great piece of writing.
I’ve enjoyed it on several occasions

Kate Smiley
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Museums that Remember Slavery

Slavery Museums
We must never forget!


Routes of Enslaved People

Slavery and Remembrance
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

In the United States

Old Slave Mart Museum
Charleston, South Carolina

The Legacy Museum
Montgomery, Alabama

Whitney Plantation
Edgard, Louisiana

Richmond National Slavery Museum
Richmond, Virginia

The Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sandy Spring Slave Museum & African Art Gallery
Sandy Spring, Maryland

In Africa

The House of Slaves (Maison des Esclaves)
Goree Island, Senegal

National Museum of Slavery (Museu Nacional da Escravatura)
Luanda, Angola

The Slave Lodge
Cape Town, South Africa

Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom
Cape Coast, Ghana
Open 2026

Slave History Museum
Calabar, Nigeria

Seriki Faremi Slave Museum
Badagary, Nigeria

Intercontinental Slavery Museum
Port-Louis, Mauritius

In Europe

International Slavery Museum
Liverpool, UK

Slave Market (Mercado de Escravos)
Lagos 8600-525, Portugal

Nationaal Slavernijmuseum (National Museum on Slavery)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Latin America and the Caribbean

Caribbean Centre on the Expression and Memory of Slavery and the Slave Trade

La Savane des Esclaves, Martinique

Kurá Hulanda

The Pompey Museum of Emancipation and Slavery

New slavery museum

Hanover Museum
Lucea, Jamaica

Virtual Museum to Commemorate the Abolition of Slavery and Emancipation in Trinidad and Tobago
Cascade, St. Anns Trinidad and Tobago

Museu Memorial Preteos Novos

Posted by Abdul Alkalimat

Culture Wars Against Education Archive  (Historians for Peace and Democracy)

[Learn From History (https://learnfromhistory.org/)]

The multifaceted culture wars against education constitute attacks how history and social studies are taught and written. They are attempts to severely restrict or eliminate teaching about race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ issues. They are an assault on academic freedom in higher education and on professional autonomy and responsibility in K-12 schools. They reveal political efforts to undermine public education in the United States on all levels.

Historians for Peace and Democracy has compiled this archive of materials on the past and present of the culture wars and responses to them. We hope this archive will help teachers and students on all levels educate themselves about the current crisis and find constructive ways to respond to it. The archive provides a variety of resources that will be useful as well for journalists, commentators, politicians, and the general public. Contents will be updated regularly.

Click here to access the archive. 

Historians for Peace and Democracy

Ending Climate and Nuclear Crises for the Next Generations Webinar - July 16  (Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA)

With opening remarks by Manisha A. Patel, President, United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia (UNA-GP)

Hosted by Ed Aguilar, Chair of the No Wars, No Warming Campaign Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA)

Sunday, July 16
4:00 - 5:30 PM


On the anniversary of the "Trinity Atomic Test" of the weapons that were used to destroy both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, CFPA and UNA-GP present a webinar that looks toward peace and a healthy planet.

We will hear from author-activist Dr. Timmon Milne Wallis, Executive Director of NuclearBan.US who wrote Warheads to Windmills, a call to transition from the old economy to a new Green Peace Economy, and CFPA's summer intern, Sofia DaCruz will interview remarkable youth peace champion Okezue Bell, a Nigerian-American student and STEM inventor, and a 2023 Global AI Ambassador. Dr. Joseph Gerson is President of the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security (CPDCS), Co-chair of the Committee for a Sane U.S.-China Policy, and Co-Convener of the International Peace and Planet Network.

Click here to register for your Zoom link to attend.  

The Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) is a grassroots citizens' organization bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds, professions and political persuasions around three goals: global abolition of nuclear weapons, a peace economy and a halt to weapons trafficking at home and abroad.

Coalition for Peace Action  
40 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08542
(609) 924-5022
Send an Email

Third Act Union National Call - July 18

Join the Third Act Union National Call on July 18 at 7:00 Eastern Time.  

We will cover:

Come meet other members of the Third Act Union Working Group, learn about our plans to stop the dirty banks from investing in future fossil fuel development.

We hope to see you there!

In solidarity,

Bob Muehlenkamp, Karen Szczepanski, Denise Young
Third Act Union Coordinators

An Injury to One is an Injury to All - ALBA LaborFest Event in San Francisco - July 26  (Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA)

A Tribute to Archie Brown and the Other Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the International Longshore and Warehouse Union

Wednesday, July 26 at 5 PM PT

Why was the ILWU able to survive as one of the most progressive unions in the United States during the McCarthy era, the Cold War, and the post-Cold War period, while other labor organizations were crushed? It was the ILWU’s commitment to international solidarity and its leadership in the fight against racism and for social justice. Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade played a key role in the union’s struggles. Join us for a panel discussion on these important historical and contemporary topics.
San Francisco LaborFest 2023

Live at Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore
3036 24th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Join us in person or on Zoom

Speakers Include:

Moderated by Richard Bermack, Bay Area Abraham Lincoln Brigade group, author of The Front Lines of Social Change: Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Hosted live at Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore . Join us in person or on Zoom

Attendance is free but registration is required to join the interview and discussion.

After registering you, will receive an email with the login information for the Zoom Session.

If you have any issues registering or connecting to the Zoom, please contact info@alba-valb.org.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA)
P.O. Box 1245 New York, NY 10113 USA
212 674 5398

The Long Table Dinner: John and Mary Brown's Dream - August 5 - Lake Placid, New York  (John Brown Lives!)

The Long Table Dinner at the John Brown Farm State Historic Site, Lake Placid

Saturday, August 5 · 4:30 - 8:30pm EDT

A provocative, open-ended conversation with writers, historians, and thought leaders: Jamelle Bouie, Nell Painter, and David Blight.

Join us for an unforgettable evening at the Long Table Dinner, celebrating the dream of John and Mary Brown. This in-person event will take place on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at 4:30 at the John Brown Farm, 115 John Brown Road, Lake Placid, NY.

Experience a night of history-making conversation featuring Jamelle Bouie, Nell Painter and David Blight, followed by delicious food and great company at The Long Table, where guests come together to share stories and create new memories. The menu will feature seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, prepared by Chef Lewis Hughes, a descendant of Harper's Ferry Raider, Lewis Sheridan Leary.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to support John Brown Lives! Reserve your spot at the Long Table today!

John Brown Lives! delivers cutting-edge educational and cultural programming the engages individuals, connects communities, and provides surprising ports of entry to address pressing issues today.

March to End Fossil Fuels in New York on September 17th.  (People vs Fossil Fuels)

Peoples Climate March, September 2014, 400,000 turned out on the streets of New York. There were 2646 solidarity events in 162 countries. It was the largest climate march in history.  (Survival Media Agency)

We are living in a climate emergency.

There has never been more urgency to end the era of fossil fuels.  We have a small window of time to turn things around for a livable future – and we need an unprecedented movement that pushes our world leaders to act now. President Biden has broken his promise to protect us from the fossil-fueled climate crisis, but together we can rise up and demand true climate leadership.

​We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.

We’re taking action building up to the March to End Fossil Fuels in New York on September 17th.

In New York this September, the United Nations Secretary-General is hosting a first-of-its-kind Climate Ambition Summit to demand that nations stop the fossil fuel expansion that is driving the climate emergency.

Thousands of us will march to demand President Biden take bold action to End Fossil Fuels.

​We’re going to mobilize like never before   With.communities across the globe to make sure he follows through.

Building up to the Climate Ambition Summit in September, we’re turning up the heat on Biden to take bolder action to stop fossil fuels


Sign Up As An Individual

Sign Up As An Organization

Partner Organizations

7 Directions of Service

Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE)

Alaska Wilderness League

ARTivism Virginia

Cascadia Climate Action Now

Center for Biological Diversity

Church of the Covenant, Boston

Climate Hawks Vote

Climate Organizing Hub


Earth Guardians


Elders Climate Action

Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area

Extinction Rebellion US

Face the Music Collective

FCCPR Climate Crisis Task Force

Food & Water Watch

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative

Frack Action

Fridays for Future NYC

Fridays for Future US


Honor the Earth

Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition

Institute for Policy Studies Climate Policy Program

Justice is Global

Mother Earth Project

mothers out front

Movement Rights


Hoboken RESIST

Native Lives Matter Great Lakes

North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE)

Oil and Gas Action Network

Oil Change International

Oxfam US



Permian Gulf Coast Coalition


Prince George's County Peace & Justice Coalition

Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights

Reclaim Our Tomorrow

Resource Renewal Institute


Society of Native Nations

Sovereign Iñupiat for a Living Arctic

Sunrise Eugene

Sunrise Movement

The Enviro Show

The Labor Network for Sustainability

The Natural History Museum

The People's Justice Council


Women With Bows

Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Women's Environment and Development Organization

198 methods

350 Bay Area

350 BRooklyn

350 Colorado

350 Eugene

350 Montana

350 Network Council

350 Triangle

350 Wisconsin





People vs Fossil Fuels  

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