Friday Nite Videos | September 1, 2023
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How Ron DeSantis Let Billionaires Destroy Florida
DeSantis has raked in millions—and even a golf simulator—from corporate interests, while stripping protections from renters and letting insurance & utility companies hike rates.

Jamie Raskin on Trump's Possible Disqualification
The 14th Amendment bars anyone who violates an oath to the Constitution by subsequently aiding insurrection.

Poor Things | Movie

A 21st century feminist fantastical retelling of Frankenstein's monster. With Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem DeFoe, Ramy Youssef. In theaters Sept. 8.

Adam Driver talks SAG Strike, Netflix and Amazon

Adam Driver talks SAG Strike and Netflix, Amazon at Ferrari press conference in Venice

AI Finally Beats Humans at a Real-life Sport — Drone Racing

For the first time an AI pilot has beaten champion-level humans at drone racing.  

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