Socialists in Office Condemn New York’s Failure To Support Immigrants and Asylum Seekers
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Author: New York City Democratic Socialists
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New York City Democratic Socialists

In response to Governor Hochul & Mayor Adams’ policy proposals and rhetoric towards asylum seekers, twenty legislators in NYS including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Julia Salazar, and Councilmember Tiffany Cabán released the following statement: 

We do not accept New York City and State officials’ cruel response to asylum seekers, and the scapegoating of those new arrivals to defund public goods for everyone. Most recently, Mayor Eric Adams has announced a city hiring freeze and cuts of up to 15% for all of New York City’s public agencies. This is only the latest in a series of actions that Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul have taken to cut social services and maintain the profits of their wealthy donors. In a city with more billionaires than anywhere else in the world, these cuts are manufactured scarcity, plain and simple. On top of his dangerous policy agenda, Mayor Adams has been echoing the xenophobia of Donald Trump and Curtis Sliwa, pitting working-class New Yorkers against new arrivals. He is trying to distract us from the government’s failure to make New York a livable place for everyone. The Mayor wants working people to feel small and afraid, but we know better. Nothing will ever “destroy” New York.

Many of the new arrivals have been displaced as a result of destabilizing economic policies by the United States’ ruling class: from the climate crisis caused by multinational corporations to direct foreign interventions against nations like Venezuela, Cuba, and Guatemala. They have been bussed from states like Florida and Texas as a cruel political game only to be met with more of the same exclusionary actions and hateful language; more than thirty counties around New York State have taken steps to block new residents from arriving, in direct contradiction to our constitution’s statewide Right to Shelter. But this crisis is not going away; hundreds of millions of people are expected to be displaced globally due to the climate crisis in the next few years, and many more are being displaced by the actions of Wall Street and our federal government. We have to get serious about building public infrastructure with an understanding that there is enough for all of us. 

There is no easy solution to a crisis that has been created by decades of prioritizing private interests over investing in public infrastructure. But as socialists in office, we are part of a movement of working-class people that has been fighting for full investment in schools, housing, transportation, and healthcare we can all benefit from. While our state’s executives point fingers and evade responsibility, we as elected representatives on the Federal, State, and Local levels demand these intermediate steps to meet our current moment with courage and humanity.

Electeds Signed On: 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Member of Congress, NY District 14

Julia Salazar, New York State Senator, District 18

Jabari Brisport, New York State Senator, District 25

Kristen Gonzalez, New York State Senator, District 59

Emily Gallagher, New York State Assemblymember, District 50

Marcela Mitaynes, New York State Assemblymember, District 51

Sarahana Shrestha, New York State Assemblymember, District 103

Zohran Mamdani, New York State Assemblymember, District 36

Phara Souffrant Forrest, New York State Assemblymember, District 57

Tiffany Cabán, New York City Councilmember, District 22

Alexa Avilés, New York City Councilmember, District 38

Phil Erner, Ulster County Legislator, District 6

Megan Deichler, City of Poughkeepsie Councilmember, Ward 8

Giselle Martinez, City of Newburgh Councilmember, Ward 1

Jorge DeFendini, Ithaca City Councilmember, Ward 4

Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman, Monroe County Legislator, District 25

Mary Lupien, City of Rochester Council Vice President, East District

Kim Smith, City of Rochester Councilmember, At-Large

Stanley Martin, City of Rochester Councilmember, At-Large

Colin Palmer, Town of Riverhead President of the Board of Education

Veronica Pillar, Tompkins County Legislature, District 2

Gabriella A. Romero, Albany Common Councilmember, Ward 6


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New York City Democratic Socialists 

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