Friday Nite Videos | September 29, 2023
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Get Up, Stand Up | Bob Marley (Live at Munich, 1980)

This marks the 50th anniversary of the release of one of Bob Marley's greatest songs on his album Burnin'

The Secret C.I.A. Operation That Haunts U.S.-Iran Relations | Retro Report

A 1953 C.I.A.-backed coup that ousted Iran’s Cold War leader has colored U.S.-Iran relations for decades

AOC Speaks at UAW Strike Rally

Solidarity IS the strategy

Insurance Reps Laugh at Denying Claim

UnitedHealthcare tried to deny Chris McNaughton health coverage. He fought back, filed a lawsuit and exposed the insurance company’s inner workings.

The 'Transformer' That Crawls, Rolls and Flies

M4, the multi-modal mobility morphobot, draws inspiration from the natural world, adapting how it uses its limb-like rotors and wheels to move in a wide range of ways  

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