Great Recession

State Unemployment Rates by Race and Ethnicity Show Recovery Expanding but Still Leaving Stubborn Pockets of High Unemployment

Janelle Jones
Economic Policy Institute
The African American unemployment rate is at or below its pre-recession level in 11 states: Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina. However, a return to pre-recession levels in these states is barely a recovery: in all of these states, black unemployment rates were above 8.0 percent before the recession.

Foreclosure Fraud Is Supposed to Be a Thing of the Past, But It Happens Every Day

David Dayen
The Intercept
The government, the regulators, and the judges seem content to refer back to their press releases about what they delivered for homeowners, while willfully blinding themselves to the continuing destruction of the integrity of the nation’s judicial system. They’ve collectively decided to pretend that the ruination of a 300-year-old property records system never happened.

In Virtually Every State, the Poverty Rate is Still Higher than Before the Recession

David Cooper
Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
New data shows no change in the poverty rate in most states for the past two years. Only two states have poverty rates below their 2007 level, before the state of the Great Recession. However, the data suggest that the lack of real income growth over the past decade and a half has been even more pronounced for households at the bottom of the income scale. Click below to see where your state stands (or doesn't).