Minimum Wage

Sanders Is Fighting to Raise the Wages for Most Black and Latino Workers

Stephanie Luce and Mark Paul
Huffington Post
Over 64 million people would benefit if we raised the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. More than half of all black workers, and 59% of Latino workers would benefit. The minimum wage won't solve poverty on its own but it is one important step in addressing racial disparities and building an inclusive economy.

This Is What $15 an Hour Looks Like

Gabriel Thompson
The Nation - Jan. 25/Feb. 1, 2016 issue
In July, Emeryville, California, passed the highest city-wide minimum wage in the country. Here's how workers' lives changed - and didn't. As the gears of federal government have ground to a halt, a new energy has been rocking the foundations of our urban centers. From Atlanta to Seattle and points in between, cities have begun seizing the initiative, transforming themselves into laboratories for progressive innovation.