Minimum Wage

As Wages Go Up, State Health Care Spending Will Decrease

Laurel Lucia
UC Berkeley Labor Center
Millions of California workers will see wage increases in the coming years as a result of recently-enacted state and local minimum wage policies. These minimum wage policies will reduce poverty, reduce employee turnover and improve the health of affected workers and their families. Less often discussed is that these wage increases will also reduce state health care spending.

The List of the Fight for $15's Victories--Tangible and Intangible--Is Getting Longer

David Moberg
In These Times
Many workers are not only fighting for the $15 an hour and a union that first drew them to the campaign. They’re fighting for a better world. They see their actions as re-directing the course of history, as building a future for their children and grandchildren, and as helping workers not only in other fast food outlets but also in many other jobs and industries.