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Tidbits – Jan. 4, 2024 – Reader Comments: Trump Right To Run–The 14th Amendment – Readers Debate; a Just Peace in Ukraine – Readers Respond, Author Responds; Claudine Gay Resignation Letter; Emergency Summit for Gaza -Jan 12; More…

Reader Comments: Trump Right to Run -- The 14th Amendment - Readers Debate; A Just Peace in Ukraine - Readers Respond, Author Responds; Claudine Gay resignation letter; Minn Community & Labor Escalation; Emergency Summit for Gaza -Jan 12-13

Friday Nite Videos | November 3, 2023

Major Update in Trial To Disqualify Trump. Deep Fakes Are About To Change Everything. Gaza: Congress Must Act | Bernie Sanders. Hasan Minhaj: My Response to the New Yorker Article. State Dept Official Explains His Resignation Over Gaza.

Friday Nite Videos | September 1, 2023

How Ron DeSantis Let Billionaires Destroy Florida. Jamie Raskin on Trump's Possible Disqualification. Poor Things | Movie. Adam Driver talks SAG Strike, Netflix and Amazon. AI Finally Beats Humans at a Real-life Sport — Drone Racing.

This Week in People’s History, July 4 – 10

Cartoon showing the evils of official secrecy Shining light on federal records in 1966. Segregating the U.S. civil service in 1913. Smallpox scam in 2002. March of the Mill Children in 1903. A big win for airline workers in 1966. 14th Amendment inked in 1868. Telstar fried by a nuke in 1962.
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