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Fight for $15 on April 15: A Battle for Raises and Much More

David Moberg Working In These Times
Fight for 15 organizers say the protests planned for April 15 will be “the largest low-wage worker mobilization in modern history.” Actions are planned in 200 U.S. cities with allied demonstrations in countries such as Italy, Switzerland, France, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan and Bangladesh. U.S. fast food workers organizing for $15 per hour minimum wages will be joined by other low-wage workers as well as students from 170 U.S. universities.


Voters Favor Higher Wages, Sick Pay

Samantha Winslow Labor Notes
Election day round up shows a few union victories in local races and in referendums even in conservative states despite the over all tide of labor defeats. When voters saw working-class issues directly on the ballot, like raising the minimum wage or guaranteeing sick leave, they voted for them.

Fast Food Sit Down Strike-Nationwide Arrests

Jillian Berman; Terrance Heath; Low Pay is Not OK Huffington Post
Fast Food workers staged sit-down strikes in cities across the country today. In more than 150 cities nationwide, Fast Food workers and their allies demonstrated, picketed, and sat-in. Hundreds were arrested across the country, from ocean to ocean, and border to border.

Living Poor in San Francisco

Carl Finamore Counterpunch
Referring to the Brookings’ data, San Francisco writer Barbara Koh noted that the same trend is occurring in cities across America but “San Francisco’s income gap is distinctive, however, because our rich are uber-rich and getting richer. The $353,500 income of San Francisco’s wealthiest 5 percent of households is higher than their counterparts in any other big city.”
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