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Honduran Election

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'The United States cannot turn a blind eye to attacks on civil liberties, human rights and the democratic process in Honduras.The right to elect the next president in a free and fair election process must be guaranteed to Hondurans. Violence, repression and anti-democratic actions have no place in Honduras or anywhere in the region. These actions do not serve Hondurans, and do not serve our country’s best interest. It is for this reason that I have joined my colleagues in urging Secretary Kerry to communicate this message to the Honduran government, and to do everything within his power to support a fair, free and transparent elections process in November.'

Rep. Hank Johnson ,
announcing he was joining Reps.
Nike Honda and Raul M. Grijalva
in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry
urging the U.S. State Department to
monitor the potential militarization
of the electoral process ahead of
Honduras’ Nov. 24 presidential vote.