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Nikki Haley's Genocidal Message on Israeli Bombs: Why?

Haley writing ‘finish them’ on an Israeli bomb is everything horrific about the US elite’s morally empty foreign policy

Mexico Poised To Elect First Woman President

The landmark moment has filled many with hope as Mexico has one of the highest rates of gender violence and femicides in Latin America.

How Much Do Companies Spend on Union-Busters?

The Department of Labor has improved reporting requirements and enforcement—but more is needed

A Chilling Effect of Louisiana’s Abortion Law

Louisiana just became the first state to reclassify abortion pills as controlled dangerous substances. The law may signal a new strategy to curb reproductive-health-care access in post-Roe America.

Global Left Midweek – May 29, 2024

Election season is challenging the left in South Africa, India and the UK

US Urgently Needs a Bigger Grid. Here’s a Fast Solution

A rarely used technique to upgrade old power lines could play a big role in fixing one of the largest obstacles facing clean energy, two reports found.

Over 400 Physicians Move To Unionize

— "This is a movement that needs to happen in medicine," one physician said

Israel’s Covert War on the ICC Exposed

Top Israeli government and security officials have overseen a nine-year surveillance operation targeting the ICC and Palestinian rights groups to try to thwart a war crimes probe, a joint investigation reveals.

Trump Says He'll Deport Pro-Palestinian Protesters

In a closed meeting with Jewish donors, Trump promises swift action against student protesters if elected, while affirming Israel's right to conduct its 'war on terror' in contradiction to previous statements calling to end the war.

Media Bits and Bytes - May 28, 2024

Banning TikTok is a bad idea
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Ladders Last a Long Time

Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite London Review of Books
A collection of essays by Raphael Samuel, the late historian who was one of the intellectual founders of the New Left in the United Kingdom.


Becoming Educated

Joanne Durham Vox Populi
The grief of today’s wars, North Carolina poet Joanne Durham reminds us, falls heaviest on the children of the victims.


How the Black Meme Turns a Trope Into a Trap

Eileen Isagon Skyers Hyperallergic
Legacy Russell’s Black Meme argues that owning, replicating, and remediating Black material is a theft rooted in historical frameworks of subordination.



How Women Are Changing Labor Unions

Emma Cordover Politico
Within unions — spaces once largely dominated by white men — leaders say they are pushing women of all races and men of color to take on leadership roles and incentivizing women to join previously male-dominated industries.


Operation Dixie Failed 78 Years Ago

Chandra Childers, Dave Kamper, and Jennifer Sherer Economic Policy Institute
Are today’s Southern workers about to change all that?


Labor Federation Denounces Arrests at UMass

Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation Portside
Chancellor Reyes and the police violated the constitutional First Amendment rights to free speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition the Government for a redress of grievances;

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Disneyland Workers Dispel the Fairytale

“The magic starts to fade away and you’re just left with not being able to pay rent, permanent injuries, and management who doesn’t value or respect you.”