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Scientists Discover First Nitrogen-Fixing Organelle

After years of work, an international team of scientists have detected a sign of a major life event that may have only occurred three times before in the last billion years. They’ve observed two lifeforms merging into one organism.

Two-State Solution: an Unjust, Impossible Fantasy

The Two-State solution mantra has allowed policymakers to avoid confronting the reality that partition is unattainable in the case of Israel and Palestine, and illegitimate as an arrangement originally imposed on Palestinians without their consent.

Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement

In the four decades since its founding, the MST has achieved significant milestones: 450,000 families have gained legal tenure of their land, another 65,000 are organized in squatters encampments, fighting for legal recognition of land.

How to Remember the Transatlantic Slave Trade

How to create an appropriate memorial for the recently uncovered remains of thousands of formerly enslaved Africans, one of the most significant traces of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

We Are Already Defying the Supreme Court

The risks of calling on politicians to push back against the court must be weighed against the present reality of a malign judicial dictatorship.

Green Groups Slam RFK Jr.

"With so much at stake, we stand united in denouncing RFK Jr.'s false environmentalist claims."

Is Spain’s Ready To Build “A Culture of Memory?

“The aim of an exhumation is not only to recover the victims in physical terms, to recover their bodies, but also to recover their lives, their biographies, to reconstruct who they were.”

Tennessee Volkswagen Workers Vote Union

To head off a union drive, Volkswagen boosted wages 11 percent to match the immediate raise UAW members received at Ford.

How We Rebuilt Young Democratic Socialists

DSA's youth section used lessons from Mao and contemporary labor to build a winning strategy: When a strategy and its tactics cease producing desired results, you need to reassess. Sometimes that means going beyond your comfort zone to find success.

Anti-Zionism in the Jewish Community

We must demonstrate that one can leave Zionism and still be part of a Jewish community that lives its traditions, its values, and – if so inclined – its spiritual life with vitality and integrity.
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Si, Se Puede (It Can Be Done)

Philip Kolin
Marking the anniversary of his death (April 23, 1993), Cesar Chavez continues to inspire support for immigrant farm workers’ rights around the country.


New York City’s New Gilded Age

Linette Lopez Business Insider
Beneath the city's victory over the pandemic and dining's glorious return is great divide between the haves and the have-nots. This new economy reveals the dramatic difference between those who can handle an inflationary shock and those who cannot.


The One Who’s Left Water

Jed Myers First published in Tinderbox
Washington state poet Jed Myers pays homage to the “one who’s left water” for the migrants crossing Arizona deserts facing “liberty or a cage.”



Workplace Militancy Isn’t Enough for Labor

Bob Master Jacobin
The uptick in high-profile strikes in recent years has been heartening. But sustaining and expanding the gains won by that militancy will require careful strategizing and deep political engagement that starts with but goes beyond the shop floor.


Antitax Nation

David Cay Johnston American Prospect
Michael Graetz’s new book explains how clever marketing duped America into shoveling more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.


UAW Wins Organizing Election at VW Tennessee Plant

Luke Ramseth Detroit News
The United Auto Workers achieved a historic organizing victory Friday night at a Volkswagen AG plant in Tennessee plant as workers voted overwhelmingly to join the union following a three-day election.


Militancy—and Beyond

Bob Master Convergence
Millions of non-union workers took notice of the 2023 strike wave. But moving from a year of high-profile strikes to building working class political power, let alone transforming US politics, will not happen automatically.


America’s Newest Doctors Fuel Efforts To Unionize

Tina Reed Axios
A new generation of doctors struggling with ever-increasing workloads and crushing student debt is helping drive unionization efforts in a profession that historically hasn't organized.

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