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Couple Rejected As Foster Parents Because of Religion

A Jewish couple were rejected as foster parents because of their religion. This is the future Project 2025 envisions: ‘a biblically based’ definition of marriage and to protect adoption agencies that only work with Christians.

Major Unions Calling for an End to Israeli Military Aid

Ahead of Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress, seven unions — whose members constitute almost half of all American union members — have demanded an end to US military aid to Israel. The labor movement’s calls to end the Gaza genocide are growing.

Bye Bye Bibi, Bye Bye

In one of the worst-kept secrets in Washington, Kamala Harris has for months been quietly urging President Biden to end your war on the people of Gaza.

The Great Manliness Flip-Flop

When it comes to masculinity, Republicans have become everything they once accused Democrats of being.

Global Left Midweek – July 24, 2024

The food issue and the world struggle

Unions Are Getting Played by Republicans

The Teamsters president took a gamble and accepted Trump’s invitation to speak at the Republican convention – it backfired

Joe Biden Wanted This

No one forced Joe Biden to run for president — or to facilitate a genocide. His unlikely conversion to economic populism was a triumph for the Left, but he ultimately proved his own worst enemy.

Venezuela Contra Mundum

The USA is imposing collective punishment on Venezuelans with illegal sanctions for daring to assert their sovereignty in deciding that only they, the Venezuelan people, in fair elections, can determine their governance.

Netanhayu Does Not Deserve To Address Congress

The invitation has outraged many Israelis—majorities of whom despise Netanyahu, who is under indictment by Israeli prosecutors for corruption.

Media Bits and Bytes – July 23, 2024

Mary L. Trump on how the press covered the convention
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The Patriarchs: How Men Came To Rule

Nicoleta Ciubotariu LSE Review of Books
This book "explores the origins of patriarchy, debunking biological determinism and highlighting the role of nation building, social norms, and violence in embedding gender inequality into societies."


How the Potato Changed the Course of World History

Matthew Wills
The potato is native to the Andes, where it’s been cultivated for at least 4,000 years. Historian William H. McNeill contends that the potato fundamentally changed world history. European armies marched on what they foraged locally even if it meant peasants starved to death as a result.


On Thin Ice

Anne Gruner New Verse News
The poets says doomsday: climate heat is serious business, coming sooner than you think.


Radioactive Radicals!

Paul Buhle Portside
Radioactive Radicals is a vivid, galvanizing portrait of two young radicals thrust into the whirlwind of revolutionary working-class politics from the 1960s to the present. Here is a whopper of a novel by any estimation.



A Return to Gompers

Dustin Guastella Jacobin
Teamster president Sean O’Brien’s speech at the Republican National Convention may represent a return to nonpartisan realpolitik for unions. But does that reflect labor's strength or its decline?


O’Brien Played Into Trumps’ Phony Pro-Worker Rebrand

Alexandra Bradbury Labor Notes
We get why union leaders want “access”; they’ve been shut out of real influence for so long. But it’s delusional to think that Trump might swap out his anti-worker—really, anti-humanity—policies; they are at the core of his being


(Mostly) Useful Government Numbers About Poverty, Jobs, and Unemployment

Frank Stricker Dollars & Sense
The population of job-seekers is greater than the BLS’s unemployed population. It is closer to National Jobs for All Network’s (NJFAN) Full Count, which adds part-timers who want full-time work and people who want jobs but have not searched recently.

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The GOP Wants Us To Forget

Donald Trump accepts the GOP nomination in a rambling speech, following Hulk Hogan and Kid Rock


Delta's Illegal Union-Busting Habit

Delta cargo workers move thousands of pounds each day, in brutal heat and bitter cold, for low wages with little time off. Now they’re on the verge of a historic union victory.


The Project 2025 Song

After hearing Kevin Roberts of the right-wing Heritage Foundation talk about their Project 2025 plans for America, Mangy Fetlocks feared they might have a public relations problem