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What Did We Know – and When Did We Know It?

This capacity to predict the future is beginning to feel a bit déjà-vu-ish. It’s not too hard to foresee the approaching catastrophe in Gaza. In our presidential election, we are facing the potential elevation of a genuine instrument of fascism.

Can Democracy and Billionaires Coexist?

Not on this planet. The wealthiest of our wealthy, a just-released report from Americans for Tax Fairness points out, are doing their best to keep these good times — for America’s rich — rolling.

How the Media Failed the College Student Encampments

The focus on Columbia University has overshadowed the extent of protests—and police brutality—at public schools. Those charged with occupying a Columbia building are facing misdemeanors, while those charged with occupying CCNY buildings face felonies

Remembering the Holocaust While Gaza Starves

A ceremony at an old food market in Amsterdam prompts reflections on tragedy, indifference and survival. How could so many Israelis feel indifferent to such grief and afflictions — that recalled how so many Germans had turned a blind eye to the Nazis

June13, 2024 - Reader Comments, Announcements, Cartoons

Reader Comments: Billionaires Captured Trump; Criminalization of Solidarity; Slippery Slope to World War III?; One Nation Not Rolling Out Red Carpet for the Rich; Pride Month Event - Telling the stories of Lincoln Brigade LGBTQ Volunteers; more...

Could Your First EV Be the Last Car You Ever Buy?

An electric car capable of running for 1 million miles is within reach--if car companies allow it.

New Republican Plan for Voter Suppression

A bill has been introduced that would require proof of citizenship for registration to vote in Federal elections while 1 in 10 voters say they can't easily show proof of citizenship.

Gratitude for Chomsky Follows New of Ill Health

"So many thousands of people have stories about how he has changed their lives," said one admirer. "He certainly changed mine."

If Not in New York, Then Where?

Governor Kathy Hochul's indefinite pause of a proposed congestion pricing program for lower Manhattan is “a generational setback for climate policy in the United States."

Global Left Midweek – June 12, 2024

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Israel’s Descent

Adam Shatz London Review of Books
Exterminationist violence is almost always preceded by other forms of persecution, which aim to render the victims as miserable as possible, including plunder, denial of the franchise, ghettoization, ethnic cleansing and racist dehumanization.


Inequality Without Class

Simon Torracinta Dissent
This book surveys how leading economists, over the last two and a half centuries, have accounted for wealth and income inequality.


Sonic Seasoning

Andrew Coletti Atlas Obscura
A developing field called “sonic seasoning” suggests a possible link between our experience of sound and taste. In a Oxford University study, subjects consistently connected the “5 basic tastes” with various musical instruments, pitches and melodies.


Welcome to the Era of Garbage Film and Television Streaming

David Moscrop Jacobin
Private equity and monopoly capitalists will destroy anything to make a buck, and they’ve turned their sights on TV and film. If you hated cable’s high prices, endless ads, and copycat programming, you’re going to loathe the future of streaming.



The Stakes of the 2024 Election

UE General Executive Board UE News
Given who will be on the ballot in November, we urge all working people to hold their nose and vote for Biden, in order to live to fight another day — the cost of re-electing Trump would be too high.


Waffle House Is Raising Servers’ Pay Across the Country

Dave Jamieson HuffPost
After nearly a year of organizing for raises, an end to mandatory meal deductions & safer working conditions, thousands of Waffle House workers at over 1,500 stores across the South have won an increase in base pay of more than $3/hour plus more.

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Following Harry the Film

Following Harry” is an intimate documentary film that follows 96-year-old civil rights icon Harry Belafonte as he continues his mission of social justice