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Israel Is Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

A new report by a UN commission finds that Israel intended to murder civilians en masse, inflict wide-scale civilian destruction, and collectively punish Palestinians in Gaza — holding them hostage to its political aims.

Tax Policy Is a Part of the Black American Story

Policymakers can only make sensible decisions when they understand what the tax system’s shortcomings have done to Black communities.

How Communities Are Making Political Violence Backfire

Confronting the normalization of political violence and stopping it from undermining the practice of inclusive democracy in the United States requires tapping into the power of communities, to resist violence and make it backfire.

A National Climate Action Plan

It could hardly be clearer that the world is already in the throes of a climate catastrophe. That means it’s high time for the U.S. to declare a national climate emergency to help focus us all on the disaster at hand.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars – June 18, 2024

Life in Brooklyn

This Week in People’s History, June 18–24

Mural by Diego Rivera depicting the CIA's 1954 overthrow of Guatemala's government
CIA Carries United Fruit’s Water (1954), “Radical Plot” Gets Saber-Rattling Response (1919), A Deadly Managua Roadblock (1979), Murders Most Foul (1964), DC Metro Cover-Up (2009), Mournful Gallery of Loss (1969), Cruel Enslaver Robert E. Lee (1859)

France’s New Popular Front Has a Plan To Govern

France’s snap elections are widely seen as an opportunity for Marine Le Pen’s far right. But the left-wing parties’ Nouveau Front Populaire has a real possibility of stopping her — and it’s laid out a radical program to rebuild France’s democracy.

It’s Long Past the Time to FREE Leonard Peltier

"We are hoping and praying that the parole commission will grant Leonard parole so that he can go back to his people on the Turtle Mountain Reservation to be with his loved ones to serve to be with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren."

The Du Bois Doctrine

Du Bois is rightly venerated for his work on civil rights. But by discarding him, the American foreign policy establishment robbed itself of one of the twentieth century’s most perceptive and prescient critics of capitalism and imperialism.

No. Seriously. What if Trump Wins Again?

Choose Democracy launched a set of online tools and strategy games to help prepare for this election and after. The tools invite participants to explore their reactions and options, to plot their own route through uncharted territory.
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An Amish-Chinese Mushroom Collaboration

Laura Reiley Ambrook Research
A business born of necessity and the pandemic, Amish Agriculture Inc and its mushrooms are finding fertile ground. The collaboration, rooted in urgency and with high-tech assistance, is believed to be the first formal Amish-Chinese business venture



Peter Neil Carroll
Enslavers typically insisted that Africans lacked "civilization," culture, religion until scholars like P. Sterling Stuckey showed beyond doubt the rich complexity --and survival-- of African traditions among African Americans.


Israel’s Descent

Adam Shatz London Review of Books
Exterminationist violence is almost always preceded by other forms of persecution, which aim to render the victims as miserable as possible, including plunder, denial of the franchise, ghettoization, ethnic cleansing and racist dehumanization.


Inequality Without Class

Simon Torracinta Dissent
This book surveys how leading economists, over the last two and a half centuries, have accounted for wealth and income inequality.


Sonic Seasoning

Andrew Coletti Atlas Obscura
A developing field called “sonic seasoning” suggests a possible link between our experience of sound and taste. In a Oxford University study, subjects consistently connected the “5 basic tastes” with various musical instruments, pitches and melodies.



There’s a Reason Trump Has Friends in High Places

Jamelle Bouie New York Times
Some business leaders see “the threat to capitalism from the Democrats is more concerning than the threat to democracy from Trump.” Biden’s efforts to regulate markets have led them to look past their misgivings about the Jan. 6th insurrection.


Unions Must Seize the Moment To Organize the South

Ben Carroll Jacobin
After a victory in Tennessee and a loss in Alabama, the UAW is pressing onward in its fight to organize the notoriously anti-union South. The fate of Southern workers — and all workers — depends on the movement’s willingness to think big.


Why Has Trump Stopped Attacking Big Business?

Matt Stoller The Big Newsletter
In 2016, Donald Trump went after CEOs so often that the Wall Street Journal set up a tracker of stocks whose leaders he insulted. No longer. What happened?


Power Lines—Building a Labor-Climate Justice Movement

Steve Early Convergence Magazine
This anthology gathers “spark stories from the front lines of the climate crises that can help organizers figure out how to bring workers and communities together to build ‘the movement and power we need to win a just transition’ that will benefit u


The Stakes of the 2024 Election

UE General Executive Board UE News
Given who will be on the ballot in November, we urge all working people to hold their nose and vote for Biden, in order to live to fight another day — the cost of re-electing Trump would be too high.

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Deep-Sea Mining | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses deep-sea mining, whether or not it’s worth doing, and which undersea creature he most wants to eat.


Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial | Documentary

Told through the Nuremberg trials and eyewitness testimony of American journalist William L. Shirer, this six-part documentary series explores the shocking rise and fall of Hitler and his enablers