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This Week in People’s History, May 21–27

A thoroughly ransacked draft board office
“Take Your War and Shove It!” (in 1969) |“The Shape of Jazz to Come” (1959) | The Battle of Toledo (1934) | No Taxation Without Representation (1764) | “Unite We Must” (1963) | Good Luck, Huddled Masses (1924) | Close Only Counts in Horseshoes (1918)

ICC Prosecutor Seeks Arrest of Israeli, Hamas Leaders

ICC chief prosecutor accuses the Israeli prime minister and defence minister of "starvation as a method of war" and "deliberately targeting civilians." Hamas leaders are accused of "extermination as a crime against humanity" and "taking hostages."

'No Mood to Mourn' after Iranian President's Death

Iran’s supreme leader has announced a five-day mourning period, but there have been fireworks and cheering in the country since the death was confirmed

Assange’s Fate in Balance

There have been assurances that Assange does not face the death penalty, but no clear answer as to whether the US first amendment will apply to him; regardless, he should be released and returned to Australia.

Segregation Academies Still Operate Across the South.

Seventy years after Brown v. Board, Black and white residents, in Camden, Alabama, say they would like to see their children schooled together. But after so long apart, they aren’t sure how to make it happen.

A New Test for Quantum Gravity

After countless attempts to develop a theory of quantum gravity, physicists are now trying their hand at measuring it through various experiments. This week we have a new proposal for an experiment, and it's a quite clever idea. Let’s have a look.

The Unpunished: How Extremists Took Over Israel

After 50 years of failure to stop violence and terrorism against Palestinians by Jewish ultranationalists, lawlessness has become the law.

Economic Insecurity Among Amazon Warehouse Workers

Our data indicate that roughly half of Amazon’s frontline warehouse workers are struggling with food and housing insecurity and being able to pay their bills. That’s not what economic security looks like.

Portugal: Fifty Years Since the Carnation Revolution

From today’s perspective, fifty years after the revolution, how can we assess its legacy?

About That Bizarro Louisiana Voting Rights Decision

In a topsy-turvy ruling, the conservatives on the Supreme Court ordered Louisiana to use a VRA-compliant congressional map while the liberals dissented.
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Safe Space

Carol Smith Radical Teacher
New Jersey teacher and poet, Carol Smith explains the hazards of racist content, subtle, accidental, sometimes deliberate.


Oh Say AOC

David Klion Bookforum
This new book is a chronicle of the Democratic Party’s left flank

The Food Blogger Cooking Through Gaza’s Hunger Crisis

Sarah Aziza Bon Appetit
In a refugee camp, Hamada Shaqoura turns aid packages into pizza wraps, curry, and “Gazan style” tacos, gaining internet-wide attention. On Instagram, he offers the world a glimpse into the scarcity and ingenuity that define Palestinian survival.



The Art of the Green New Deal

Benjamin Y. Fong Jacobin
Jobs to Move America is pioneering an innovative labor strategy that turns public investments in green infrastructure and manufacturing into opportunities for union organizing and better working conditions.


“American Lessons” From the Labor Notes 2024 Conference

Salvo Leonardi Stansbury Forum
The key to this grassroots unionism lies in the connection between organizing and collective bargaining aimed at improvements in wages, working and living conditions. What was striking, from an Italian viewpoint, was the lack of political discussion.

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