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Friday Nite Videos | May 17, 2024

Jon Stewart Gives Sen. Robert Menendez a Corruption Lesson. Donald Trump Sings I Fought the Law. Starbucks Tried To Crush Its Baristas. How AI Tells Israel Who To Bomb. Bernie Sanders Has Bad News for Trump.

The Insurrectionists in Our Midst

Featured insurrectionists this week: Samuel Alito ... Matt Gaetz ... Greg Abbott.

A Progressive Agenda That Appeals To Swing State Voters

Many policies championed by progressive groups are not only popular with the Democratic base, but also among Independents and swing state voters. Policies that expand access to child care and elder care are supported by a majority of Republicans.

Energy Needed To Carry a Baby? Shocker: It’s a Lot.

The energetic cost of a human pregnancy is about 50,000 dietary calories — far higher than previously believed, a new study found.

1960s and 2020s, Antiwar Movements Make Change

Difficult as the road to forcing the US out of Vietnam was, the path to winning Palestinian self-determination and equal rights for all in Israel-Palestine appears even more challenging.

Jewish Biden Administration Staffer Resigns Over War

“I can no longer in good conscience represent this administration amidst President Biden’s disastrous, continued support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza,” Greenberg Call, 27, wrote in her resignation letter. She attended Jewish day school....

Reflections on Student Activism

My most important training came outside the classroom, as a student activist. As I look at the surge of student organizing aimed at stopping the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, participation in such movements can have a long-term impact...

Trump’s Will Take Public Health Back a Century

Trump and his allies are planning to “deconstruct” the administrative state by stripping its power and forcing out tens of thousands of workers. That will put all of our lives at risk.

Genocide Trial in Guatemala - Israel’s Role

Along with the United States, Israel provided weapons and training to Guatemala’s military and their campaign against Indigenous Maya civilians from 1974-1996. Israel was a war machine on its own, searching for arms markets and anxious for allies.

May 16, 2024-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Trump Trial, Arms to Netanyahu, Campus Protests - Impact on Gaza War, Colleges, Society, Elections; Palestine, Gaza, Israel; Haiti; Kenya; Sing in Solidarity; Song Nights For Social Change; Cartoons; more ....
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Safe Space

Carol Smith Radical Teacher
New Jersey teacher and poet, Carol Smith explains the hazards of racist content, subtle, accidental, sometimes deliberate.


Oh Say AOC

David Klion Bookforum
This new book is a chronicle of the Democratic Party’s left flank

The Food Blogger Cooking Through Gaza’s Hunger Crisis

Sarah Aziza Bon Appetit
In a refugee camp, Hamada Shaqoura turns aid packages into pizza wraps, curry, and “Gazan style” tacos, gaining internet-wide attention. On Instagram, he offers the world a glimpse into the scarcity and ingenuity that define Palestinian survival.



Michelle Morin Canary Literary Review
South Dakota poet Michelle Morin takes a super-long view of climate change, with or without us.


The Illiberalism at America’s Core

Julian E. Zelizer The New Republic
A new history argues that illiberalism is not a backlash but a central feature from the founding to today.



“American Lessons” From the Labor Notes 2024 Conference

Salvo Leonardi Stansbury Forum
The key to this grassroots unionism lies in the connection between organizing and collective bargaining aimed at improvements in wages, working and living conditions. What was striking, from an Italian viewpoint, was the lack of political discussion.


Organize the Unorganized

Benjamin Y. Fong Jacobin
A limited series podcast covering the 1930s rise of the Congress of Industrial Organizations and its legacy.

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