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SCOTUS’ Contempt for Facts Is a Betrayal of Justice

In rejecting facts to please their political party—and their patrons—the justices of the Court’s majority have broken their oath, made to both the Constitution and the American people.

The Key to Longevity Is Boring

It follows from reputable studies of longevity that the best protocol for living a good, long, fulfilled and productive life is to focus on nailing what actually matters, and then not stress about the rest

The Democrats Are Slow-Walking Into Fascism

Is doubling down on a candidate who is almost certainly going to lose really the best the left can do? Until and unless Schumer and Jeffries, joined perhaps by Pelosi and Clyburn, make that visit to the White House, we remain stuck in never land.

What Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know About Project 2025

Project 2025 is a radical blueprint for a potential second Trump administration, spearheaded by the right-wing Heritage Foundation. Top members of Trump's 2024 campaign are involved in Project 2025 and training and recruitment of political appointees

In Any Other Country

The Roberts court has completely remade federal elections to advantage Republican interests—in nearly every instance on a straight party-line vote. This amounts to decades of election interference to shielding Trump from legal accountability....

Israel Ordered Hannibal Directive on October 7

Documents and testimonies obtained by Haaretz reveal the Hannibal operational order, directing use of force to prevent soldiers being taken as captives, employed at three army facilities infiltrated by Hamas, potentially endangering civilians as well

July 11, 2024 -Reader Comments, Announcements, Shorts

Reader Comments: Project 2025 - What Is It, What It Will Do to Us and the Country; What Biden Should Do; What’s the Meaning of Solidarity?; Remembering Jane McAlevey - Tribute July 27; Counting the Dead in Gaza - Death Toll Could Exceed 186,000;

What’s the Meaning of Solidarity?

Defenders of Israel’s genocide know we’re strongest when we work together. That’s why they are so intent on pitting us against each other. Practicing solidarity helps us understand each other.

Left Lessons from Frence Defeat of Ultra-Right

A united left is a formidable opponent that cannot only halt the surge of neo-fascism, but can also offer a positive and inspiring vision for the future.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Is Worried

Why else would he bring his political rivals back in from the cold?
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Mocking Birds

Alison Luterman Rattle
California poet Alison Luterman wants to know why two antiques are running for the presidency while the talent of competent women is ignored, and it’s no joke.


Towards a Materialist Theory of Law

Rosie Woodhouse Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book, writes reviewer Woodhouse, "aims to revitalise Marxist legal theory that has lagged behind the disciplinary flourishing of Marxism elsewhere."


The Bikeriders Is Running on Fumes

Eileen Jones Jacobin
Jeff Nichols’s The Bikeriders coasts on Austin Butler’s outlaw charm and an excellent performance from Tom Hardy. But neither can get this nostalgia piece into third gear.


New Map Captures Immigrant Influences on Food

Aviva Bechky San Francisco Chronicle
Stories of migration through food is a powerful way to challenge typical narratives; food can be a gateway to understanding where people come from. It’s a kind of portal to our memories.


Independence Day

W. D. Ehrhart
Poet Ehrhart questions how our Declaration of Independence can be true, even as the nation moved toward democracy, perhaps a warning that Constitutional originalism is equally absurd.


Gerald McCarthy: Haunted Marine, VVAW Activist, College Professor

Jan Barry Portside
There were no words for what to say about the war for 19-year-old combat vets coming home in 1967. Words like post-traumatic stress, survivor guilt did not exist. This book reveals the inner world of many war veterans that home folks haven’t a clue.



3 Ways Project 2025 Will Impact American Workplaces

Janice Gassam Asare Forbes
Project 2025 wants to dismantle workers’ rights to organize via unions and proposes that employees instead be provided a less powerful alternative called “employee involvement organizations.”


Workers Need New Heat Protections Immediately

Alex N. Press Jacobin
The Biden administration has proposed a desperately needed new heat standard to protect workers from scorching temperatures. Expect business groups to oppose it.


Child Labor Laws in 2024

Nina Mast Econmic Policy Institute
This year, state advocates were better equipped to organize in opposition to harmful bills

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How to Replace Biden

Longtime Democratic National Committee member Jim Zogby proposes a process by which to pick a new nominee


Trump’s Second Term | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s plans for a second term, why it could be much worse than his first term, and what Trump has in common with a hamster


The Legacy of Slavery in America

Freedom Monument Sculpture Park and the National Monument to Freedom honor all those who were enslaved in the U.S. and their descendants alive today


Why Humans Are Vanishing

All around the world birth rates are crashing – Is humanity dying out? What is going on and how bad is it?