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This Week in People’s History, June 25–July 2

The album cover of Time Out by the Dave Brubeck Quartet
A Successful Experiment (1959), Boycotts Can Work (1959), Hospital Workers Win Big (1969), Malcolm X’s Last Stand (1964), Brilliance Gets Shafted (1954), Throwing Shade on Racism (1989), Hit the Road, Dictator (1944), Nazis Deadly Discipline (1934)

Democrats, Parties, and Palestine: Five Stages of Grief

Elections are fundamentally about choosing coalitions, not just casting votes. While coalitions require compromise, the key is to make strategic concessions without abandoning core principles.

The GOP’s Post-Constitutional Future: A New Gilded Age?

A middle class is not a normal thing, and if a country wants one it must be created by direct government intervention in the marketplace…

“Puppetry Is the Sum of the Collective Human Imaginary"

We Africans have to value what we have more and what we are, to value culture, something that is not tangible and cannot be bought and sold, like money.

Who Is Keir Starmer, British Labour Party Leader?

A Review of “The Starmer Project: A Journey to the Right” by Oliver Eagleton, Verso Books 2022

Can You Inherit Memories From Your Ancestors?

The science of epigenetics suggests we can pass on trauma – but trust and compassion too

How Israel Became a Nuclear Power

Israel’s nuclear program is its worst-kept secret. It was made possible through the support of Western nations like France and has thrived due to a cynical attitude toward nonproliferation that has made the world more dangerous.

When Tax Policy Discriminates

When the trickle-down theory first took off in the 1980s, the argument was that tax cuts lift all boats. After 50 years, no one can continue to make this claim—yet they still do.

What Frederick Douglass Learned From an Irish Activist

Even before Douglass arrived in Ireland in 1845, he was aware of the rich tradition of Irish men and women involved in the transatlantic movement to bring an end to the U.S. system of enslavement.

The Delusion of Plastic Recycling Using Pyrolysis

The world is drowning in plastic. Experts say we need to stop making so much. But the plastics industry peddling a "solution" that works like magic. Don't be fooled.
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Sweet Rain

Teresa Pham-Carsillo Catamaran Literary Reader
California poet Teresa Pham-Carsillo opens the reader to summertime; show some gratitude!


How To Be a Nonviolent Second-Wave Feminist

Eleanor J. Bader The Indypendent
In 47 essays written from the early 1970s to the late 1990s, prominent Second Wave feminists question how nonviolence might be applied to effectively transform violent systems of aggression, from rape to war.


An Amish-Chinese Mushroom Collaboration

Laura Reiley Ambrook Research
A business born of necessity and the pandemic, Amish Agriculture Inc and its mushrooms are finding fertile ground. The collaboration, rooted in urgency and with high-tech assistance, is believed to be the first formal Amish-Chinese business venture



The Biggest Organizing Wave You Never Heard Of

Chris Townsend ML Today
Virginia is seeing a significant and remarkable expansion of its small but wily labor movement. In a labor movement urgently in need of new union organizing experimentation it would certainly be of value to consider the situation in Virginia.


The Passing of a Troublemaker

Paul Buhle The Progressive
Frank Emspak, anti-war activist and labor leader, spent his life advancing workers’ rights.


Insurgent Slate Wins UFT Retiree Chapter Election

Crystal Lewis Chief
In balloting for leadership of the union’s Retired Teachers chapter, the Retiree Advocate slate received 17,226 votes, or 63 percent of the total, while Unity, which is aligned with UFT President Michael Mulgrew, got 10,114 votes, according to unoffi

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A Time for Choosing

THE SENECA PROJECT is a bipartisan superPAC, led by women, dedicated to mobilizing moderate women voters in key swing states in support of President Joe Biden’s re-election


Deep-Sea Mining | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses deep-sea mining, whether or not it’s worth doing, and which undersea creature he most wants to eat.