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Will Someone Please Explain to Trump How Tariffs Work?

Tariffs are not paid by foreign governments, such as Mexico and China, or by Mexican or Chinese companies exporting goods to the U.S. Instead, they are paid for by the American company importing the goods.

Marta Harnecker, Presente

A relentless fighter, comrade Marta Harnecker (1937 – 2019) made valuable contributions in the areas of theory related to revolution for socialism in the broader Latin American perspective.

Do You Actually 'Like' Your Private Health Insurance?

In 2018, as millions of Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for health care, 62 CEOs of health care companies made a combined total of $1.1 billion in compensation

Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism Speech

In a single speech, Bernie showed why he's an existential threat to the political establishment. He decried poverty and exploitation and named capitalism as the culprit and democratic socialism as the solution.

Media Bits and Bytes - June 18, 2019

Byron Allen v. Comcast goes to SCOTUS; Rightist Media Power; T-Mobile-Sprint Merger; Tech Economy Brings Inequality; Media Workers Unionize; "When They See Us"; Readers Call Out NYT Warmongering

Explanations for the Current Crisis in Venezuela

long line of cars waiting for fuel
Steve Ellner debunks the myth (systematically promoted by Washington) that the Venezuelan “crisis” preceded the implementation of U.S. sanctions and thus the Maduro government alone is to blame for the current catastrophe.

What Can South Africa Teach Palestinians

group photo of Palestinian youth organizers
...we resolved that settler-colonialism, racial colonialism, apartheid, refugeehood, and military occupation are key systems that work together shaping the respective conditions of Palestinian people, and therefore our struggle.

Sanctions Are Genocidal and U.S.’s Favorite Weapon

banner about deadly sanction
For the empire, genocide, like aggression, is a normal part of politics. Nuclear planners plan how to commit it. Sanctions officials administer it. And for the most part, human rights organizations take no position on it.

Clemency for the Lowly Free Passes for the Mighty

book cover
...only relatively low-level soldiers and contractors have been held responsible for crimes committed in the war on terror.

Solidarity with Cuba Collection: Travel to Cuba

cruise ship docked in Cuba
We won't be defeated by the backward-looking, unconstitutional, and vindictive new restrictions implemented by the Trump Administration. We hope you won't be either.
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Scorsese’s Rolling Thunder Energy

Sam Adams Slate
Martin Scorsese blends fact and fiction for a playfully experimental film about the most freewheeling tour Bob Dylan ever did. The true shock of Rolling Thunder Revue is in how good, how alive, Dylan is on stage.


You Will Never Smell My World the Way I Do

Heather Murphy The New York Times
New research provides evidence of how extraordinarily different one person’s “smellscape” may be from another’s. It’s not that some people are better smellers; it’s that any one person might experience certain scents more intensely than their peers.


To Amal

Hedy Habra Verse Daily
The Lebanese American poet struggles to transcend a mother’s worry in a war-torn city, “your nightmare, a faint echo/of raging battles.”


Remembering the English Revolution

Daniel Johnson New Politics
A book not only for history buffs but for activists focuses on the Levellers in a history from the bottom-up that tells the story of a revolutionary mid-17th century British radical group that turned its world upside down.


The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Ico Maly Diggit Magazine
This book argues, says reviewer Maly, that "the Googles and Facebooks of this world are shaping an antidemocratic world," using our data to produce "raw material in the production of predictive products that eliminate our freedom."



America Has a Permanent Temp Worker Problem

David Van Arsdale The Indypendent
worker loooking at computer screen Over the last few decades, the employee-employer relationship has been the staffing industry and businesses that want to “hire” workers without the regulations and obligations that come with officially employing them.


Why the UAW Lost Again in Chattanooga

Chris Brooks Labor Notes
Those losses are the result of highly sophisticated and intense anti-union campaigns by employers, business groups, and politicians. They are also the result of the unsophisticated, shallow organizing approach of the UAW.


Why Newsrooms Are Unionizing Now

Steven Greenhouse Nieman Reports
Journalists are saying yes to unions to lift salary floors, win or improve basic benefits, and provide some cushion to the industry’s volatility.

Friday nite video


Protest Music in the Era of Trump

From Woody Guthrie to the tumultuous 1960s, musicians have responded to the times with music. Musicians across multiple genres are once again responding to the political climate.


93PUNX, Vic Mensa | Camp America

A Trump official says that the immigrant children ripped from their parents are in places just like "summer camp." Yeah, like this.


Dr John's Best Version of "Such a Night" Piano Blues

Malcolm John Rebennack (Nov 20, 1941 - June 6, 2019), better known by his stage name Dr. John, was an American singer and songwriter. His music combined blues, pop, jazz, boogie-woogie and rock and roll (Wikipedia).