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The Lebanon Uprising Hits 100-Day Mark

Protesters Allege Torture by Security Forces

Germany's New Old Militarism

“If you want peace you must prepare for war," - despite its history, support for a growing and aggressive military finds many such rationalizations in today's Germany. Meanwhile, the peace movement continues to demand base closures.

Racial Disparities High in Maryland's Prisons

While only 31% of Maryland residents are black, more than 70% of Maryland’s prison population is black, a percentage that is more than twice the national average. And about 80% of people serving 10 years or more in Maryland prisons are black.

How Britain Helped Iran Destroy Its Left Opposition

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran’s first Supreme Leader
According to declassified files, in 1983 Britain (and the CIA) helped Iran’s new Islamic regime crush the last opposition to its rule, providing information that was used to arrest and execute hundreds of members of Iran’s communist Tudeh Party.

The New Coronavirus Started in a Wildlife Market

Medical workers near a hospital in Wuhan, China.
The Wuhan coronavirus has now been confirmed in multiple countries and health officials see a common thread with past outbreaks. The Wuhan virus, like the SARS before it, is zoonotic, a disease that started in animals before spreading to humans.

Friday Nite Videos | Impeachment After Dark

In the midst of impeachment, our late night jesters scramble to satirize a highly improbable reality, deflate fraud, debunk lies and point to the nakedness of a would-be emperor

Georgia: Shareholder vs. Stakeholder Capitalism

How Senate candidate Sarah Riggs Amico, running against ex-CEO David Perdue in Georgia, sacrificed her family business investment to save jobs and pensions

A Torturer Finally Testifies in Court

The proceedings at a military court in Guantánamo represent the first courtroom appearances by the two psychologists who designed the torture of prisoners at CIA black sites. They sat just yards from a man who was waterboarded 183 times.

Ancient African Genomes Illuminate Early Human History

Today, people in sub-Saharan Africa are the most genetically diverse in the world. Newly deciphered genomes of four African children who died between 4 and 10 thousand years ago have some surprising implications for the period before then, and since.

An Open Letter to the Green Party About 2020

Why reject a safe states strategy? Some might claim doing so can't help Trump win again or that Trump's re-election would not matter all that much. We hope that no one in 2020 will make such irresponsible and patently false claims.
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To Combat Antisemitism, Write a Villanelle

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Rattle
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach wrote this poem in response to the presidential executive order changing the status of “Jew” from a religion or ethnicity to a nationality.


The Trinidadian That Inspired Sam Mendes’ WWI Epic, ‘1917’

Janine Mendes-Franco Global Voices
'1917' is based on Alfred Mendes’ role as a messenger when he served in the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, training as a signaller in France. He was thereafter sent to Belgium, with the rest of his battalion, to win back the village of Poelcappelle.


We’re Lucky to Have Little America

Kathryn VanArendonk Vulture
 Little America wants to give its episodes extra meaning by being based on truth, because, especially right now, it is heartrending and lovely to see stories about American immigrants that are based on real lives.

Trump's Gotta Go! Trumpism Too. Please Help.

Trump is on trial. We will, of course, present the case for his conviction and removal. But beyond that, we will work to vaccinate society against Trumpism by providing a continuous stream of fact, analysis and vision.



Bernie’s Labor Support Snowballs

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the foreground at an inside rally. While many national unions have stayed neutral, more progressive-minded local unions and labor groups are coming out in force for the Vermont senator.


The Politics of Pensions: No Bailout for You

Marc Dann and Leo Jennings III Working Class Perspectives
Federal officials have floated a number of proposals for dealing with the dilemma of underfunded multi-employer pension plans.  Most have one thing in common: they punish the innocent victims. The contrast with the bailout of bankers is striking.


2019 Was the Year Tech Workers Organized

Haidee Chu Mashable
Toxic workplace culture, terrible pay, union busting, weapons contracts, anti-immigrant work, and political misinformation. Tech workers finally had enough.


Trump's Gotta Go! Trumpism Too. Please Help.

Trump is on trial. We will, of course, present the case for his conviction and removal. But beyond that, we will work to vaccinate society against Trumpism by providing a continuous stream of fact, analysis and vision.

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Trump Has Lied 16,241 Times

Trump celebrated three years in office by paying tribute to himself and somehow brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. into it