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Premises of Diplomatic Missions Shall Be Inviolable

From Israel’s bombing of Iran’s embassy in Damascus to Ecuador’s raid on the Mexican embassy in Quito, leaders feel emboldened by the impunity granted by the Global North to disregard diplomatic norms and respect.

Not Enough War on the Ground, US Is Taking It to Space

The military industrial complex is suiting up for a new arms race, far beyond the stratosphere

Discriminatory Congressional Maps Will Remain in Place

With control of the House of Representatives hanging in the balance, the time-consuming appeals process means elections in multiple districts will take place using maps that have been challenged as discriminatory to voters of color.

Green New Deal: From Below or from Above?

The question, “should Green New Deal policies by implemented from above or from below” is rather like the question, “Should I wash my hands or my feet?” The obvious answer is, “both!”

Irish Reunification on the Horizon

Since Brexit, the conversation around a unified Ireland has taken place at a pace which people have never seen before. The chaos, the recklessness, that emanates from Westminster shows that they do not care about the interests of people here.

Friday Nite Videos | April 12, 2024

The Lie That Made Food Conglomerates Rich...And Is Slowly Poisoning Us. The Truth vs. Alex Jones | Documentary. Jon Stewart Interrogates America's Support of Israel. Civil War | Movie. Trump Promises Rich Donors He'll Cut Their Taxes.

On the Origins of Arizona’s New Old Abortion Ban

A brief look at the 1864 territory and legislature whose strictures Arizonans must heed today

Survival of the Nicest

How humans, animals and even single-celled organisms cooperate to survive suggests there’s more to life than just competition, argues a cheering study of evolutionary biology.

The Break-Up?

Are the United States and Israel heading toward a divorce?

When the State Comes for Your Estate

Medicaid was designed to provide healthcare for the poorest Americans. But after death, their relatives can be socked with massive bills, as one Charlotte family learned.
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The One Who’s Left Water

Jed Myers First published in Tinderbox
Washington state poet Jed Myers pays homage to the “one who’s left water” for the migrants crossing Arizona deserts facing “liberty or a cage.”


The Black Farmers Growing Rice

Liz Susman Karp Ambrook Research
A hopeful Southern project is helping reclaim lost heritage while building livelihoods, rebuilding old foodways, and rejuvenating land.


Everyone’s Hooked on Netflix’s 3 Body Problem

Eileen Jones Jacobin
Based on Cixin Liu’s megapopular sci-fi novels, 3 Body Problem is an engrossing spectacle about alien invasion. It’s a welcome 21st-century twist on the old War of the Worlds premise.


War News

Beau Beausoleil Agitate! Journal
San Francisco poet Beau Beausoleil writes a poem each day during the current war in Gaza.


How German Atheists Made America Great Again

S. C. Gwynne New York Times
What was the Civil War about? In a word, slavery. The driving force in American politics in the decades after the American Revolution was the rise of an arrogant, ruthless, parasitic oligarchy in the South, built on God-ordained economic inequality.



Chile on Strike: Worker Anger Spills Over

Ursula Fuentes Rivera speaks to Eric Campos Morning Star
We aim to break the deadlock that we see between a right wing that obstructs change and a government that gives in to it. So, rather than being against the government, we want it to return to the original content of its reforms.


Auto Workers and Class War: The South Stands Up

Liberation Staff Liberation
Following the historic “Stand Up” strike last fall led by the United Auto Workers, the southern organizing drive has spread like wildfire to encompass 150,000 auto workers at 14 companies across Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and more.


To Make Unions Resonate Again, Study the CIO’s History

Declining union density has diminished American workers’ awareness of labor organizing, pride in union status, and sense of belonging to a tradition of collective struggle. The history of the CIO can teach us how to embed unions in the working class

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Civil War | Movie

It's more than a thinly veiled Trump story. In theaters April 12.