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‘Lock and Load’: Right Wing Reaction to Mar-a-Largo

"None of this demonstrating in the snow shit," one commenter wrote in a MAGA forum. "Summertime was made for killing fields."

Mandela Barnes: Progressive Working To Oust Ron Johnson

As a young Black millennial from a tough part of a large Midwestern city, he can give voice to issues many in the Senate cannot relate to, and he can do it through lived experience.

The Black Actress Who Refused To Pass

Her name was Fredi Washington and she descended on Hollywood with a burning mission: to redefine white America’s image of African American women.

Chilean Constitution: 'A New Global Standard'

"The world has much to learn from the exemplary process of the convention and the visionary product on which Chile will vote in its September plebiscite."

Global Left Midweek – August 10, 2022

This week: left economists cut through the baloney, rumblings of general strike, and a guide to wrecking your party

Over 800,000 Brazilians Sign Pro-Democracy Manifesto

"We face the risk of having to live through a dictatorship once again—and this is inconceivable," one of the proclamation's authors warned.

California Farmworkers on March for Voting Rights

The United Farm Workers union set out for a 24-day march from Delano to Sacramento, the state’s capital.

Landmark Us Climate Bill Will Do More Harm Than Good

The Bill makes concessions to the fossil fuel industry as frontline community groups call on Biden to declare climate emergency

Bernie – What’s Missing From the Reconciliation Bill

This bill was a chance to do big things. It did very modest things. It was a chance to stand up boldly for the working families of our country and restore their faith in government. It didn't.

Media Bits and Bytes – August 9, 2022

Mass media as stepping stone—three talking heads who lie their way to political dominance
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Does Classics Have a Future?

Najee Olya Los Angeles Review of Books
The academic discipline of classics is facing profound challenges from scholars that are looking to renovate its traditional focus on the "whiteness" of its subject. This study is an expression of that challenge.


Guns ’n’ Roses

Patrick Daly
“I want to say their names,” says California poet Patrick Daly about children killed in the classroom, not as balm, but to stress our “obstinate coming back…the relentless heart.”


Recent Books of Note for Labor Activists

Labor Notes staff Labor Notes
A number of veteran organizers and labor journalists are publishing books this year that will be of interest to Labor Notes readers. Many of them participated in a "Meet the Author" session at the recent Labor Notes Conference.



NLRB Orders UMWA To Pay Strike Costs

United MIne Workers of America UMWA
NLRB demand for UMWA to pay Warrior Met Coal strike costs “outrageous,” threatens American workers’ right to strike


California Fast Food Workers Demand a Seat at the Table

Crown protested with raised fists and signs A bill - BA 257 - aimed to create a fast food sector council to set minimum industry standards on wages, working hours, health and safety and other working conditions - is expected to come before the senate appropriations committee on August 11.


Richmond City Workers Can Unionize, Following Council Vote

Patrick Larsen VPM NPR News
State legislation allowing cities and counties to adopt a collective bargaining ordinance took effect in Virginia in May 2021. Under the law, local employees can only organize and bargain if local government passes an initial agreement.

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Archie Roach | Took The Children Away

Archibald William Roach (Jan. 8 1956 - July 30, 2022) was an Australian singer, songwriter and Aboriginal activist who campaigned for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


John Oliver: Mental Health Care

John Oliver discusses the cracks in our broken mental health care system, some of the inadequate ways we’ve tried to fill them, and what it all has to do with the gallbladder.


Saving Masafer Yatta

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled in May 2022 to expel the Palestinians living in the South Hebron Hills of the occupied West Bank, known as Masafer Yatta. They are appealing to the international community for help.


The Deadliest Virus on Earth

For over 4,000 years, the rabies virus has turned animals into angry beasts and humans into zombies. How it attacks us and how we fight back (cough -- vaccine).