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Friday Nite Videos | October 20, 2023

Alito's Freak Flags / Haley Endorses Trump. 'We Are Cowardly' / Singing the Truth. The One Place You Can’t Say Trump Is a Criminal Defendant. The Debate Over the Anthropocene, Explained. Disneyland Workers Dispel the Fairytale.

Why Biden Should Run on Climate

It’s a strong triple threat to say: Trump will take away your rights. He will take away your democracy. And he will take away the planet you’ve known.

Supreme Gaslighting

Supreme Court Justice Alito flew a flag of insurrection at his home. Here's the most important takeaway: but for Alito and his similarly conflicted fellow justices, Donald Trump would almost certainly be a convicted felon for J6 by now.

Trump’s Plan for Mass Deportations

At every opportunity, Trump has placed the mass deportation of millions of people at the center of his campaign. It is a promise. And the promises a presidential candidate makes while on the trail are the promises a president tries to keep.

Neanderthals Spoke, but Maybe Not Metaphorically

Neanderthals possessed the vocal machinery for speech and were sufficiently similar to modern humans that multiple instances of successful interbreeding occurred. But their brain structure and possibly their thinking were significantly different.

Time for American Jews to Recognize a Palestinian State

There’s one question that should guide nations — or you, — in deciding whether to recognize a Palestinian state: Will doing so bring Israel and Palestinians closer to peace, or not? Recognition will help ensure a strong future for the Jewish people.

What Has Happened to the Israeli Peace Movement?

Some groups are trying to draw attention to the carnage in Gaza. But after October 7, most Israelis don’t want to be bothered. It is difficult if not delusional to speak anymore of a peace camp on the Israeli left.

“Casablanca” Has a Message for Us Today

The first time I saw Casablanca was 1992, The most recent was last night. On each viewing, I notice something I hadn’t seen before, walk away with something new. Casablanca is often described as a romance—and it is. It is a drama. It is a war film...

Pushing Medicare Advantage Despite Latest Court Defeat

The New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division May 21 delivered a unanimous decision permanently enjoining New York City from eliminating retirees’ existing health insurance and automatically enrolling them in a new Aetna Medicare Advantage plan

May 23, 2024 -Reader Comments, Resources, Shorts

Reader Comments: Texas Gov. OKs White Supremacist Terror; How Extremists Took Over Israel; Arrest Warrants for Israeli & Hamas Leaders; Calif Academic Workers Strike for Pro-Palestinian Protesters; Intl Recognition of State of Palestine; more....
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Becoming Educated

Joanne Durham Vox Populi
The grief of today’s wars, North Carolina poet Joanne Durham reminds us, falls heaviest on the children of the victims.


How the Black Meme Turns a Trope Into a Trap

Eileen Isagon Skyers Hyperallergic
Legacy Russell’s Black Meme argues that owning, replicating, and remediating Black material is a theft rooted in historical frameworks of subordination.


Safe Space

Carol Smith Radical Teacher
New Jersey teacher and poet, Carol Smith explains the hazards of racist content, subtle, accidental, sometimes deliberate.


Oh Say AOC

David Klion Bookforum
This new book is a chronicle of the Democratic Party’s left flank



Labor Federation Denounces Arrests at UMass

Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation Portside
Chancellor Reyes and the police violated the constitutional First Amendment rights to free speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition the Government for a redress of grievances;


The Art of the Green New Deal

Benjamin Y. Fong Jacobin
Jobs to Move America is pioneering an innovative labor strategy that turns public investments in green infrastructure and manufacturing into opportunities for union organizing and better working conditions.

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Disneyland Workers Dispel the Fairytale

“The magic starts to fade away and you’re just left with not being able to pay rent, permanent injuries, and management who doesn’t value or respect you.”