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Telling the Truth About Slavery Is Not ‘Indoctrination’

Our country is made better, not worse, by young people reckoning with the full legacy of the institution.

Vaccines — Lessons from Three Centuries of Protest

Immunization has always been a proxy for wider fears about social control, a history reminds us.

Judge Removes Trump Public Lands Boss For Serving Unlaw

Bureau of Land Management acting director William Perry Pendley served unlawfully for 424 days without being confirmed by the Senate as required under the Constitution, the judge ruled.

Hunger Among Children Has “Skyrocketed” during Covid-19

A young child holds signs which says, "I'm hungry."
Estimates say hunger in US households has tripled since 2019, and about 5 million school age children sometimes or often went hungry in 2020. This increase has nothing to do with a shortage of food. It is purely the result of political decisions.

A Daughter of Peru’s Saweto People Fights for Justice

Diana Rios (r) and her mother, Ergilia Rengifo.
When indigenous leader Jorge Ríos Pérez and three others were killed by illegal loggers in Peru in 2014, his eldest daughter Diana had to become the leader of the fight for justice for the murders and for the defense of antamiki (the Amazon forest).

Police, the Law, and Fascism

Cops are at the crux of this cultural war of neoliberalism vs. fascism. They are sworn to uphold the constitution and laws of freedom while also operating legal torture chambers and killing people of color.

Protestors in Colombia Demand Justice

Massive protests have broken out in Colombia following the torture and murder of Javier Ordóñez by the police.The people of Colombia, are determined that Ordóñez and others like him will not be forgotten.

Friday Nite Videos | September 25, 2020

How Trump Plans to Win No Matter What. Drive-By Truckers | 21st Century USA. RBG Crowd Greets Trump With 'Vote Him Out!'. 113 Reasons REPUBLICANS Aren't Voting for Trump in 2020. P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo.

Will We Be Able to Reverse Trump’s Climate Damage?

If elected, Joe Biden could declare a national climate emergency, which would give the administration the power to mobilize the government on a massive scale, like redirecting military spending toward the rapid development of clean energy.

6 Crucial Races That Will Flip the Senate

Winning the White House is absolutely crucial, but it’s just one piece of the fight to save our democracy and push a people’s agenda.
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The Social Dilemma Fails to Tackle the Real Issues in Tech

Pranav Malhorta Slate
Toward the end of Netflix’s new documentary-drama The Social Dilemma, former Google employee Tristan Harris describes technology as “simultaneous utopia and dystopia.” This quote encapsulates the focus of the film.


Nuestra Nueva Casa

Philip C. Kolin
Mississippi poet Philip C. Kolin links the corona virus to its tragic economic consequences.


The Novel and the Secret Police

Peter Coviello Boston Review
In Vineland, Thomas Pynchon's dour 1990 novel, the author of Gravity’s Rainbow anticipated a United States where all available definitions of freedom are channeled through security apparatuses understood as the greatest good. Sound familiar?


White Too Long

Lloyd Green The Guardian
This new book analyzes the history of the intertwined relationship in the United States between Christianity and white supremacy.


Ode to SARS-CoV-2

H.C. Palmer
Kansas City poet H.C. Palmer puts the blame on Trump (where it belongs): “For the past 8 months, the president watched with indifference as hundreds of thousands of Americans died and tens of millions were disabled from COVID-19."



The Labor Movement We Need to Win the Future We Want

Tanya Wallace-Gobern and Steven Pitts The Forge
Unions must root out the racism within their ranks, then leverage relationships members have in their own communities and focus on transforming the lives of workers, both inside and outside the workplace.

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RBG Crowd Greets Trump With 'Vote Him Out!'

Donald Trump was loudly booed by crowds as he visited the Supreme Court to pay his respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late justice and liberal icon who died last week aged 87.


'Heat Rays,' Blue State Deaths and Sedition Charges

With President Trump blaming "blue states" for coronavirus deaths and Attorney General William Barr calling for sedition charges against protestors, you might have overlooked the revelation that the U.S. has a secret heat ray weapon and considered using it against demonstrators in Washington DC.


Old Man Fibber | Roy Zimmerman

With another Supreme Court nomination looming, Old Man Fibber is back in the headlines. "Ol' Man River" music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, parody lyrics by Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby